Merchandise for Coffee Shops: Ceramic Pour Over Set to Brew Up Sales

Are you looking for a gift for coffee lovers? Then, here’s a hot item to attract your caffeine-loving customers. The ability to brew coffee in the comfort of their homes is what makes this ceramic coffee pour-over set is a great merchandise for coffee shops. Moreover, they give local shops a huge opportunity to market their business beyond the four walls of their store.

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Branded merchandise is either given away for free or sold to clients and customers to:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • attract new prospects
  • encourage repeat purchases
  • show appreciation toward your target audience
  • boost impressions
  • introduce your brand
  • incentivize customers
  • increase exposure

The key to ensuring that your customers will enjoy your promotional merchandise is to offer them something unique and useful. Products with distinctive features and uses make people tick. This ceramic coffee dripper with mug and silicone coaster is certainly high up on the list of intriguing promotional branded gifts.

Made from ceramic, the pour-over set looks high-quality, and will surely be appreciated by coffee lovers.


What is a Pour-Over and Should You Include this in Your Merchandise?

Pour over is a process of brewing coffee beans which involves the use of a funnel and filter. Baristas put the coffee grounds in a funnel lined with a filter. They then place it over a coffee mug to let the coffee drip. Many people love this process as it gives them complete control over the brewing process.

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Should you include this in your collection of coffee shop merchandise? Absolutely! Here are the reasons why:


Brand Engagement

For coffee lovers, brewing coffee is a fun and exciting activity. So a branded pour-over set creates immediate customer-brand interaction whenever they are being used. Customers will get exposed to the brand whenever they feel like drinking brewed coffee.


Branding Opportunity

Branded merchandise for coffee shops makes more impact than plain ones. By printing your logo, you are getting your brand name out there effortlessly. You also have so many ways to design them. For instance, the color of the silicone coasters can be Pantone-matched to your desired color. Other design concepts can also be incorporated into the product to make your brand message stand out.

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Merchandise for Coffee Shops


Encourage Additional Purchases

Starbucks is one of the companies that understand the power of custom promotional products in marketing their company. They have released awesome limited-edition merch over the years. As a brand that is popular among young professionals and the youth, they also know how to capitalize on special holidays such as New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Merchandise for Coffee Shops


Cafe merchandise can help to drive up sales and encourage additional purchases. You can offer his pour-over set at a significantly lower price if customers purchase a certain amount. This is called Purchase with Purchase Promotion.

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Merchandise for Coffee Shops

Coffee shops can also offer this set as a limited-edition product that customers can collect. Many companies leverage people’s needs to collect “rare” products. This is why limited-series merchandise is very popular.


Brand Exposure

Thoughtful brand placement and visibility are key to enhancing brand exposure. So if you offer customers something they can use to make or drink coffee you can be sure that your brand will be displayed in front of their eyes.


Merchandise for Coffee Shops: Other Promotional Product Options

  • Custom 3D Mugs– You can never go wrong with branded mugs, more so if they are 3D mugs. In addition, people keep them for a longer time than any other promotional item.
  • Custom USB Mug Warmers– A perfect companion for work-from-home employees, this will keep mugs of coffee warm for longer. Moreover, the coaster can be custom-designed to represent your company.
  • Tote Bag with Logo A very effective promotional item, it gives cafes daily exposure.
  • Custom Plush Toys Plushies are universal and appeal to a wide range of people.
  • Branded Coffee Tumblers– Promotional tumblers double the exposure since drinks can be shared with other people.


Merchandise for Coffee Shops: What Are My Customization Options?

There are many ways to add a personal touch to your cafe merchandise. One of the easiest ways to customize it is to print your logo. You have so many options here: foil stamping, silk-screen printing, and sublimation methods. Each printing techniques can give you different results. So be sure to communicate with your supplier and ask what printing options would be best for your designs and marketing budget.

Custom gift boxes are also a brilliant way to add a touch of class and personality to your merchandise. The packaging is everything. It not only protects the product, but it can also be an extension of your brand persona.

With influencer marketing on the rise, half of your sales will probably come from social media advertisements. Take advantage of this boom and be seen where many of your target consumers spend more time. Make something that will stir online buzz so that people will be encouraged to visit your coffee shop.

Last but not least, work with a reputable product designer and supplier. Professionals will help you come up with top-notch designs and source the right materials for your merchandise. Since they work with factories, they can give you a lot of options that will not break the bank.


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Aside from merchandise for coffee shops, we can also help you with other promotional items for different industries. We are your one-stop-shop for everything promotional!

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