4 Ways Custom Drink Glasses Can Differentiate Your Brand From Competitors

The idea behind alcohol marketing is to bring an alcohol brand front and center. There are so many different alcohol brands in the market so how do we find a way to stand out amongst competitors? This is where branded alcohol merchandise comes in. In this blog, we share a good example of a branded merchandise used for alcohol marketing which allowed companies to gain a competitive edge amongst their competitors. Let us take a look at some on-pack custom drink glasses. 

Here are some real-life brands that have made use of custom drink glasses to ramp up their marketing efforts in Russia. 

Firstly we have Grant’s custom box. The box comes with a bottle of Grant’s Scotch Whisky and 2 branded glasses.

Custom Drink Glasses

Next, we have Аrmenian Cognac  “Ancient Erivan” in a custom box with 2 glasses as a gift with purchase as well. They are clear glasses with no logos or print on them.

Custom Drink Glasses

Thirdly, we have a Cognac “Father’s Old Barrel” custom box. The product comes in a beautiful packaging with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. The box comes with the bottle of alcohol and a branded glass. This branded glass is printed with the company’s name and a picture of a barrel. 

Custom Drink Glasses

Lastly, we have Ballentine’s scotch in a custom box. The box includes a bottle of scotch, a branded glass, and a vinyl record coaster. A perfect set of gits to complete the experience of Ballentine’s scotch. 

Custom Drink Glasses

Consumers consider various factors before they decide to make a purchasing decision. This often includes taste, price, and the familiarity of the brand. So how do custom drink glasses differentiate your brand from competitors? 

1. Spread Brand Marketing Message

Custom drink glasses are a great way to spread your brand’s marketing message. It is a cost effective marketing strategy that creates a positive impression on your customers. These glasses create an identifiable company logo and brand identity which allows customers to associate it with positive thoughts. 

2. Drink Glasses Are High-Utility

With alcohol, drink glasses are a must to set the right atmosphere. Drinking glasses are reusable and chic, allowing customers to store them for long periods of time. They are extremely durable and long-lasting, which are qualities that consumers love. Moreover, with the increasing emphasis on the environment, reusable glasses like these are environmentally friendly which would further appeal to consumers.

3. Improves Brand Recall And Recognition 

With practical merchandise like these glasses, consumers are likely to store them at home and use them frequently. This enhances brand recall and recognition whenever they use the branded drink glasses at home. With an increased brand recall and brand recognition, customers will be more likely to purchase products from the brand. 

4. Free Gift

Last but not least, customers love free gifts and would definitely not reject them if they received one. Free gifts are a great way to show customer appreciation and would definitely score points with your customers. 

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Branded Drink Glasses are one of the many ways that companies can use to improve your liquor marketing. In the case studies shared, you can also see that companies have used other forms of marketing to promote their alcohol such as custom packaging and drink coasters. There are many different marketing solutions that companies can use for their marketing campaigns.

How can ODM Group help?

With multiple years of experience as a promotional products agency, let us find the perfect marketing solution for your marketing needs. We have worked with a large number of clients to provide corporate gifts, checkout dividers, POS displays, eco-friendly packaging and many more. If you are interested in looking for products to market your brand, contact our staff. In addition, we have written over 8,000 different marketing case studies which shares many tips and tricks you could use for marketing purposes. 

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