Best strategy to Increase Sales: Point-of-Sale Marketing Ideas

Ever walked out of a store with more things that you’ve intended to purchase? Many consumers find themselves walking out with items that they have purchased on impulse. If you are looking to increase the number of sales for your product, why not consider boosting POS Marketing for your next campaign? We have rounded up some of our favorite point-of-sale marketing ideas in this blog to inspire you to update and customize your product displays.

What is Point-of-Sale Marketing?

Point-Of-Sale Marketing, commonly known as POS Marketing, is a type of in-store marketing campaign. It refers to efforts used to increase the probability of a customer making a purchase at the point of sale. Point of sales refers to places where transactions are completed such as cash registers or even mobile POS systems. This system allows for customer-product interactions near where the actual sale occurs. Hence, it draws the attention of customers to your product and markets to shoppers who are about to make a purchase. POS marketing entices customers to make an extra purchase, which leads to customers purchasing items that he/she might not be planning to purchase upon entry. They are usually presented in the form of POS displays.

Point-of-sale marketing ideas

Here are 5 awesome Point-of-sale marketing ideas that you should consider for your next marketing campaign.

POS Marketing Ideas

POS marketing ideas are diverse and have different levels of effectiveness. This could depend on the location of the display and the size that is available for the POS display. Here are some POS Marketing examples that you could consider for your next marketing strategy.

1. Endcap display

Endcap display stands are one of the most common ways of merchandising products employed by grocery stores and retailers. An end cap is a display for a product placed at the end of the aisle. When your product is on an endcap, it is an ideal opportunity to convince shoppers that the product deserves to be brought home. Endcap displays come in many shapes, colours, and sizes. Some end cap displays are designed so mind-bendingly that would trick your eyes. It is important to be creative to ensure that your product will have an edge over its competition. Point-of-sale marketing ideas like this are especially common in retail stores. Check out this custom retail end cap display from Sephora Singapore.

2. Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)

FSDUs are standalone, flexible retail display shelves that are dedicated to highlighting key products. It is usually made from cardboard or acrylic, and are popular standalone POS retail display solutions. Lightweight, portable, and practical product storage with space for branding, FSDUs are a dynamic promotional display option. Furthermore, it is an easy, affordable, and effective way to build brand awareness and encourage impulsive buys. It is also used in many different marketing campaigns. Check out this meaningful and innovative FSDU design from Marker’s Mark that is simply amazing!

FSDU Design

3. Cardboard Signs and Cutouts

Cardboard cutouts and signs allow for greater brand visibility indoors and outdoors! This POS marketing allows for companies to be creative with their brand marketing through customization. It helps increase awareness and allows the company to set itself apart from its competition. Creative ideas include human standees of famous brand ambassadors and even stand-in cutouts. This may be one of the most cost-effective point-of-sale marketing ideas but they are effective in encouraging interaction with the brand. Improved brand recognition is one of the benefits of such displays. Check out this Cardboard Signage from ShareTea which is definitely hard to miss.

cardboard signage

4. Countertop POS Displays

Countertop POS displays are designed to fit the most product in the smallest possible space. Like the name suggests, products are placed on countertops that are made with simple chipboard or corrugated base materials. With a creative approach and the right design, it can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool to increase sales conversions. Here are some awesome countertop displays that have been proven to be very effective.

If you are interested in manufacturing a custom countertop display, view this blog for 5 factors for consideration.

Countertop POS display

5. Pallet Displays

Pallet displays are a ready-to-sell merchandising option that allows merchandisers to create a low-cost and attractive product presentation in retail. Simple, yet eye-catching, they create a major billboard opportunity to attract customers. The purpose of pallets is originally for shipping heavy products. However, retailers have found a way to incorporate them into their in-store marketing. One of the most cost-effective point-of sale display ideas, pallet displays are customisable and reusable. Here are 5 creative design ideas for pallet displays.

pallets display

Why are POS Displays effective?

Firstly, with a rapt audience that has made the decision to purchase by stepping into a store, it is not difficult to encourage an additional purchase. POS merchandise tends to focus on less expensive items that can be easily added to their list of purchases. Besides, customers will feel comfortable spending a couple of dollars more on a relatively inexpensive item as compared to the current shopping cart.

Secondly,  customers find that relevant “add-on” items at POS displays serve as a reminder and trigger the impulsiveness to purchase. Especially, small sized products make it easy for customers to justify the product as something they genuinely need to stock up on. This is especially true for promotional gifts or gift-with-purchase which are an attractive incentive to customers.

Thirdly, what better way to turn a shopping nuisance into a good shopping experience. Waiting in line can be frustrating especially when lines can take a long time to be cleared. POS displays allow customers to be more engaged and interested while they wait in line. Such in-store displays allow for product and customer interaction, which allows for reinforced purchasing decision making.

What are the benefits of POS displays? What makes an effective POS display?

The primary benefit of a POS display is that it increases the number of sales. Increased number of impulse buys leads to an increase in sales conversions. In order to receive the maximum benefit from merchandise POS displays, it is important for it to be visible to customers. This is especially because it needs to stand out amongst a large variety of products. An effective POS display can be created with a lot of forethought and planning. In order for a POS display to stand out, factors such as the display’s location and visual imagery play a large role.

The location of POS displays needs to be a place where customers are guaranteed to encounter the product during their shopping trip. This can be placed near the cashier, at the end of aisles, or at any area with guaranteed high human traffic.

Next, visual imagery is of extreme importance as an eye-catching POS display captivates the majority of your audience. In order to provide the perfect imagery that represents your product, it is important to understand your product. Factors to consider could include target audience, brand imagery, ingredients/materials used in the product, and many more! Eye-catching POS display designs will successfully pull customers in and drive additional sales. Moreover, the incorporation of bold and appropriate imagery could increase not just your product awareness but your brand’s awareness as well. Bold statements made could capture the attention of shoppers who are standing even miles away. Take a look at how Ribena uses visual imagery to boost sales with their retail display idea.

Retail Display Idea

Furthermore, a well-timed execution of a POS display can further elevate its effectiveness. A display done at the right time could work complementary with other marketing strategies of the brand. Hence, it would be extremely effective in marketing the brand and its products.

POS marketing is crucial in marketing a company’s brand and product. Endless possibilities can be presented to the world of marketing and advertising. With these 5 point-of-sale marketing ideas, companies can increase product and brand awareness.

How can ODM help?

Here at ODM Group, we have a team of merchandisers that can help your brand design and source high-quality POS display units. We can also provide other Point-of-sale marketing ideas for your next promotional campaign. Moreover, we also have designers from Mindsparkz, our sister company, which can provide design services. Share your ideas with us so we can start designing your POS display for your next promotional project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with designing, customization, and sourcing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are POS displays expensive?

POS displays are not extremely pricey as they are usually made of easily accessible materials such as cardboard and acrylic.

What type of products can be put for POS marketing displays?

Products of all kinds can be displayed on a POS display. The display can be customized to suit the shapes and sizes of different products.

What are POS marketing best for?

POS marketing often works best with shoppers who are in a hurry or apt to make impulsive purchases. Furthermore, they are effective in sparking people’s interest in new products they haven’t tried yet.

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