The milk tea industry is booming and new brands are joining the bandwagon. This means you need to have remarkable marketing ideas to stay relevant. Take for example, ShareTea. Aside from their delicious milk teas, the brand keeps its traction by using cardboard signage to promote their drinks. This advertising signage was found along the busy streets of Hong Kong, which greatly helped them pull in more customers.

Cardboard Signage: How ShareTea Keeps The Lead In Marketing

Cardboard Signage: How ShareTea Keeps The Lead In Marketing

Retail Sign Idea: Cardboard Signage

Signages are part of every brand’s marketing journey. It contributes a lot to brand promotion and recognition. When it comes to customization, you may use any type of material, provided that they are sturdy yet flexible enough to be fashioned into any bespoke shape. You can use acrylic, PVC boards, LED, and Neon signs, but it all depends on your marketing needs and budget.

ShareTea uses cardboard because it’s more cost-effective and eco-friendly than plastic. It’s a great idea because as brand marketers, we also need to consider materials that have the lowest environmental impact.


Why Do We Love This Cardboard Signage From ShareTea?

  • Eco – Friendly Material – As mentioned, we all have a duty to preserve and protect the environment. Clearly, biodegradable materials are better to use for our marketing products and this cardboard signage from ShareTea is a good example. This promotes the brand effectively whilst equally protecting the environment.
  • Better Brand Exposure – This outdoor display is readable even from afar because of its large size. Also, ShareTea installed the advertisement outside where there is high foot traffic.
  • Highly – Customisable – Lastly, cardboard signages are easy to customize because of its flexibility. As you can see, it is shaped exactly as their product with full color print, which is great as it helps entice people to try their drinks. However, the only downside is that the color and designs might fade when exposed to rain and hail. If you’d like to get an expert opinion on designs and materials, feel free to contact our team anytime.


Brands That Had Previous Success Using Outdoor POS Displays:

This custom display stand attracts the attention of wandering locals and tourists alike that are looking for something cold and sweet.

If you’re feeling a little extra and knows that your brand could afford such a gigantic masterpiece, you can check out Cartier’s bold attempt on an outdoor display.


Promoting your products through POS displays still remains one of the best ways to gain exposure outside your store. As such, you need to think outside the box in and experiment until you achieve the best possible design that represents your brand.

If you like to know more about promo displays, please don’t hesitate to contact the ODM team. We have a team expert in marketing and manufacturing so we can assist you with all your marketing and promotional needs.


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