If you’re looking for innovative and outstanding POS displays, you’re at the right place! Interactive POS displays are a great way to attract customers, stand out against competitors and tempt them into making a purchase. Stray away from deaf marketing as product displays have become generic over time. Customers tend to walk by without noticing the wide range of brands available which we do not want to happen. This blog will explore why your brand needs these moving and rotating displays! Check out this magnetic pos display.

Interactive pos displays

Interactive pos displays


Interactive POS Displays:

In the first video, you can see the automated movement where the products are pushed up vertically by the display stand once the customer lifts the product. It is replaced instantly by a pushing motion in the machine. This makes it easy for staff as restocking is not needed until completely empty. To restock, it is quick without much effort as products are placed on the display and moved downwards into the stand until full again.


The second Ferris wheel POS display is a fun alternative as a range of items can move around, piquing customers curiosity to have a look and pick something out. It can also carry a number of items as there are 8 big compartments. This POS display can be customised to make different coloured and shaped pods to carry products. The size can also be changed to make it bigger or smaller, and carry more or less items.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Interactive POS Displays:

Innovative: This is better than your regular basic display methods. Interaction makes it more enjoyable and gives it a high tech feel. It is a good way to appeal to families as children will enjoy the movement of the display.

Brand Awareness: This interactive marketing display will help boost visibility in stores and supermarkets due to the size and where it is positioned. The functionality is key as the brand image will have a high perceived value.

Design Flexibility: There is a lot of free space for brand designs and logos to be placed on the displays. Get creative with how to advertise your brand. Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help!

Customisation: These POS in-store displays come in a range of designs, shapes and sizes. If you have any ideas for an interactive display for your brand, it can be done! The ferris wheel can be customised to add more details, smaller carriages, and other features.

Interactive pos displays

Interactive pos displays


To Sum Up:

This interactive POS display is an attractive sales feature that will help promote your brand! Let your products stand out with effective marketing to invite customers in. What type of interactive POS display would be good for you brand? Which one would showcase your products perfectly and attract customers? The product code for the displays are 2407, please refer to this four digit number when contacting our offices in China or Vietnam.

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