Be the Talk of the Town With Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

A table is one of the most versatile tools at a restaurant’s disposal. Table settings set expectations in customers’ minds, and after all,  it is the hub for their dining experience. Thus, tabletop marketing pieces are the perfect additions to your bar or restaurant to display information and promotional deals to your customers. If you’re looking for a promotional tool that will pep up your tabletop marketing, let’s end your search here. Let us introduce to you these acrylic table talkers with logo and be the talk of the town!

 Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo


Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

Table talkers are self-standing tabletop displays that are used in communicating product details and prices. These display accessories serve as in-store display advertisements for services and retail industries to catch customers’ eyes. They are multi-face point of sale (POS) marketing displays and are made from either card or acrylic material, so they stand up independently.

So, what makes these acrylic table talkers with logo an exceptional table display? Let’s have a closer look:

Made from high-quality and brand new acrylic material, our table talkers exhibit outstanding strength and durability. The enhanced plastic material of these table talkers makes them ready to use even for outdoor applications.

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo


Each table menu display is thoroughly polished through diamond polishing technology, producing an excellent and smooth acrylic material. This process makes them convenient and easy to incorporate with other promotional merchandise designs. Furthermore, there are a lot of modern design styles that you can choose from to suit your promotional marketing needs.

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo


The standard sizes available for these acrylic menu stands are A5 and A6 sizes. With its portability, you can easily match it to your tabletops and create an alluring and reliable custom table menu stand. Into the bargain, keeping them in-store won’t be a hassle as cleaning them will not be demanding, unlike other freestanding retail displays.

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo


Table talkers are great tabletop marketing pieces that will help you promote your brand, ongoing deals, limited offers, and promotional products. With their quality, you don’t have to worry about flimsy marketing materials. They can stand out all day whether indoors or outdoors and they will never fail in attracting more customers to your shop.

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo

Acrylic Table Talkers with Logo


Get them today and let your promotions be the talk of the town!


Why Do I Need these Table Talkers in My Business?

 They Talk to Your Customers, So You Don’t Have To

Apparently, you cannot entertain your customers all the time; even you wanted to. Especially during these challenging times where people shall observe social distancing constantly. These table talkers got you covered here! Just put them into tabletops and countertops and let them do their thing. Customers can easily browse these both whilst at the bar or sitting at their table, making table talkers a convenient yet effective way to communicate with them.


Highlights New Promotional Products or Deals

When it comes to introducing new products, services, or deals— customers can often be hesitant to purchase and slow to catch on to why they need it. Table talkers are great promotional accessories that can serve as quick alerts and educate them about a certain offer or limited deals. Guests will certainly love how efficient and commodious these table talkers are!


Keeping Up With the Industry’s Seasonal Trends

Seasonal marketing is a huge area of focus for many businesses ’ marketing campaigns. Playing on these seasonal events can certainly bring them a lot of benefits and even open opportunities for their brand. Using multi-faced menu stands or sign holders can pique the interest of customers and onlookers, generating more leads and sales throughout the year. Let them know what you have, and entice them through these table talkers!


Drawing Attention to Lesser-Known Products

Table talkers are an excellent and inexpensive way to create a separate and supplementary menu for lesser-known products. Standard flat menus tend to highlight best sellers most of the time and often leave other items out of place.

It is important to remind your guests from time to time that you have other promotional products that they can enjoy. These acrylic menu stands are perfect as they create a simple and interactive display that can catch the attention of your customers. Give them a spotlight on your table or countertops and don’t let them get overlooked!


Any Industry Can Benefit from Table Talkers!

More than coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and pubs— there are other industries that can utilize and enjoy the marketing advantages of these acrylic table talkers, such as:

  • Spas and Nail Salons
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Retail Shops
  • Event Planning
  • Bakeshops
  • Hotels


Bringing this All Together,

Whatever you’re promoting, these acrylic table talkers with logo can certainly catch the attention of your customers and influence their purchasing decisions. With their advertising benefits, guaranteed quality, and affordability, you have already found a valuable marketing tool that can serve you in the long run. If you’re interested in incorporating these innovative POS design ideas into your next promotions, don’t forget to quote the product code ODM-3490 in sending us your email of inquiry!

Here at ODM, our team is always updated on the latest branded promotional product ideas in the market. Thus, we make sure to uphold our mission of providing clients with high-quality and effective promotional merchandise. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Should I Display A Table Talker?

For maximum visibility, it is best to place a table talker in an area where customers are likely to be waiting or sitting.

What Are Multi-Faced Menu Holder Made Of?

We manufacture our table talkers from acrylic, PVC, or styrene.

Do You Offer Customization?

Yes! We can make table talkers according to your required material, color, shape, and size. Our in-house design team can also assist you with your merchandise design needs.


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