Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy- Hello Kitty Makes Customers Happy

Are you looking for cute marketing ideas with candy? Then take a look at this adorable example by Hello Kitty! We spotted this in-pack gift idea in an airport in Dubai. The gift pack contains candy, a plastic figurine, and a spinning toy. What really got our attention is the Hello Kitty design printed all over the packaging and the gifts.

Hello Kitty has been an important part of our childhood. Created in 1974, this popular cartoon character was not only made into soft cuddly toys, but you can also see them printed on clothes, mugs, notebooks, and bags.  With that said, many businesses have collaborated with this prominent character to drive traffic and sales.

Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy

Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy

If you take a look around your local grocery stores, you will notice that candies and chocolates are designed to attract kids. This is also why popular cartoon characters are used as main designs.

Knowing what appeals to a specific market is key to improving the ROI in the long run. But what makes this particular example stand out to us?


How Hello Kitty Candy Gift Set Makes Happy Customers

We have featured a number of Hello Kitty products here in our blog and each product has something unique in them. What made this marketing tactic stick is that this iconic character gives a different sense of happiness to the customers.

Just like this surprise gift set. So much happiness and memories to create with this Hello Kitty cute marketing idea with candy.

1.Packaging Design

Besides the iconic character, it is also the packaging design that directs the customers’ attention to the product. The pink packaging design is enough to entice the buyers, especially kids. The front cover has the image of Hello Kitty and a tagline of Suprise Set.” As it gives the impression that it has a surprise product inside, this can push customers to make an impulse purchase!

Furthermore, it is very convenient to hold because of its cute pink handle. Basic information about the product can also be found printed on the back of the box. The toys and candy are carefully packaged in a blister packaging, which protects and provides stability to the products.


2. Lovely Hello Kitty Toy

The iconic cartoon character is made in a size that is suitable for children and adults who love collecting figures and toys. This item is made from durable plastic materials, that are safe for kids. It comes in its signature pink color that depicts loveliness and cuteness. The design is aesthetically appealing especially to kids and avid collectors.


3. Spinning Toy

The gift set offers fun with a twist, a small plastic top and a surprise egg. Break out the boredom with this cute spinning toy. This plaything is a circle in shape, with a holder’s length of 2 cm and a mountain-like point at the back. The spinning toy is said to be a good tool for stress relief since it can increase a person’s concentration and attention. In addition, it also helps to calm down when a person faces anxiety. Thus, this is a toy that can bring fun and relief at the same time.

Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy

Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy

Hello Kitty Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy – Why it Works?

Hello Kitty has had many cute marketing ideas with candy, but this Surprise Set is certainly a fun promotional idea that will captivate kids and kids at heart. It has the ability to encourage not just the little children but even those adults that are a great fan of this character. Below, we explain what makes this strategy works.


Universal Appeal

Young children tend to influence their parents in purchasing products. This is called “pester power.”

The overall look of the gift set is appealing enough to children. In addition, kids are more likely to persuade their classmates and friends to buy the same toys. You shouldn’t miss the word-of-mouth marketing of kids. But not just the kids. There are adults who are avid fans of Hello Kitty. They will surely be thrilled to purchase this themed promo product to replenish their collection. The universal appeal of the products also translates to wider audience reach.



The products included in the set are fairly inexpensive to manufacture. For one, the branded plastic spinning top is an inexpensive toy that costs around one dollar apiece.

Offering this kind of gift set is very budget-friendly, but can surely encourage more buyers. Since Hello Kitty is popular around the world, it has become easier to captivate the customers’ attention.


Best for Incentives

People are most likely to appreciate products with cute incentives like this Hello Kitty promotional gift set. Customers can use this as a gift for their younger members of the family. And when children play with these toys with friends, they become the number 1 supporter of your product. Adults will also get delighted with the spinning toy which can help them relieve stress and anxiety. Therefore, it can increase customers’ satisfaction and boost sales, which is a great win for your brand as well.


Makes Your Brand Stand Out from Others

Collaborating with a well-known brand can definitely give a positive impression of your brand. License merchandising is an effective way to attract children and parents to make impulse purchases. Because Hello Kitty is a prominent character, you can establish great branding by incorporating branded products that feature this character.

Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy

Cute Marketing Ideas with Candy


How can ODM help?

Make your marketing ideas more fun and exciting by connecting with us! If you’re interested in promotional products, POS displays, or marketing merchandise that can make customers happy and satisfied, you’re on the right page. ODM has been an excellent partner in making great marketing ideas into reality. We have people in our team that are experts in planning, designing, and taking actions for your promotional tools. Contact us now!

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