Many businesses have moved into using electronic platform as point of sales. How do we drive traffic into our online store? Sanrio USA uses marketing product to keep traffic high.

With a purchase of at least USD 75 at Sanrio online store, we can enjoy free shipping and receive one of these plush toys. Sanrio does not mention the period of promotions. However, these offers are usually available only for a short period of time. Read on to know why.

Marketing Product by Sanrio USA - Hello Kitty Angel Plush

Marketing Product by Sanrio USA – Hello Kitty Angel Plush

Marketing Product That Arouse Curiosity

Sanrio has short periods of offer for its promotions. However, Sanrio never failed to have some sort of gift with purchase on going. This strategy is a double edged sword.

The short period of offer drives impulse purchases. These products entice the customers. However they are only available for a limited time. Customers may not have another chance to get this product if they did not act fast.

Replacing the old offer with a new one creates excitement. Customers are curious what is offered next. It encourages them to keep going back to the page. This certainly brings in traffic into the online store.

Using Custom Plush as Marketing Product

With custom plush, you can have your brand more visible to customer. It is especially so when you have a mascot. Customers can keep these in their car or bedroom. It serves as a reminder of your brand. This heightens brand recall.

Sanrio is the creator of Hello Kitty. If you do not have any mascot, don’t worry. You can always buy the license to use these designs. Licensing allows you to tap on the fan base of the character. It also saves the resources on designing if it is not your business core competency.

Whether you are using your own design or licensed character, remember to brand the plush. This will increase brand awareness in the long term.