Right now, we love this promotional table display that we spotted at Amsterdam Airport. Duty free shops have so many brands stacked on the shelves. Therefore, it is really important to stand out from the crowd with a store drinks display, so customers are convinced that you are the brand to buy. The Famous Grouse have soared above the rest with a colourful, elegant promotional drinks display. This design easily attracts customers to come and have a look.

marketing table display

Marketing Table Display by The Famous Grouse

Promoting your brand at the airport might be one of the best marketing decisions you make! Not only because of duty free, but you are guaranteed thousands of people from all over the world. Moreover, they are more likely to be looking for a nice product if they are going on a holiday or a business trip. Therefore, it is a great promotional target to boost sales.

Why is this marketing table display successful?

Neat arrangement – Having an arrangement strategy is key for an effective marketing table display. Here, they elevate the three bottles on pedestals to highlight them even more. It gives the impression that these are ‘gold standard’ whiskies. The selection of bottles are right below and neatly separated. This gives a good impression from just the first glance, which is really important!

Colours – the red feather further highlights the bottles and it is striking. It increases brand remembrance as the feather is tied to their brand name.

Design – This wooden display table is well designed and looks sophisticated, showing it to be a high class brand. It has a vintage feel which represents The Famous Grouse’s heritage.

Sustainability – While this display might seem like a big investment, it will save you money in the long run. This display is made with durable materials so it will be long lasting. A promotional table display is very versatile so it can be adapted for many different uses!

Glass case – This makes us think of something in a gallery or a museum! This gives the impression of a valuable premium product. People will be intrigued by what is in the glass case.

marketing table display

Glass box in a promotional table display


We also think this could be improved with a section for tasting some whisky. Samples of a product are a great promotional drink idea because they give the impression of a generous, friendly brand. Put simply, the customer will be more interested in spending money on a product if they know what they are getting!


How can we help you here at ODM?

We have experience with many different promotional displays. Our creative design team have lots of experience in creating a marketing table display that will push you forward in the competitive market of duty free. Send us an email now!


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