Check out this awesome travel retail display by Ballantine’s! The brand is known for its unique blend and they are currently promoting their warming spices edition aged 21 years. That’s what they showcased in their recent airport promotion. The combination of wood, metal with gold finish, and LED lights created a stunning and high-quality merchandise display.

A quick browse to their website revealed that this whiskey collection is “a smooth balance of rich liquorice and aromatic spice.” For this reason, they have incorporated actual ginger, cinnamon and liquorice into their display, which made it visually appealing and informative.

Travel Retail Display

Travel Retail Display

The use of custom designed travel retail display can help your brand stand out at airport shopping malls. This is because bespoke POS displays allow you to showcase your products in a way that will highlight their best features.

Our team spotted this freestanding display unit at Duty Zero in Hong Kong and were captivated by their unique presentation. We have seen a lot of impressive POS display units before, yet we love the uniqueness and quality Ballantine’s custom in-store display.


Why We Like this Travel Retail Display by Ballantine’s

  • Informative and Interactive:  Not only is the display attractive, but it also relates with customers in a more personal way. Incorporating the spices into the display stimulates the sense of smell and taste. This kind of marketing strategy is called “sensory marketing.” As a result, it creates a longer lasting top-of-mind awareness.
Travel Retail Display

Travel Retail Display

  • Maintains Brand Image: Three things we noticed in this display: classy design, catchy advertising copy, and high-quality materials. We especially love the gold finish that surrounds the FSDU as it denotes luxury and warmth, something the brand is known for. These factors add a high-end vibe that resonates with their image and uphold their brand reputation as a topnotch whiskey manufacturer.
Travel Retail Display

Travel Retail Display

  • Location: Ballantine’s freestanding shop display commands attention thanks to their extraordinary marketing strategy. Great location increases your chances of being noticed by customers straight away. The aisle would be an ideal place to position your branded FSDU.
  • Lighting: The use of proper lighting gives the products an expensive appeal- perfect for their target customers. In this case, Ballantine’s was able to stir the curiosity of the shoppers by placing the spices on LED lighted stands. And once the customers come over their display, they’ll notice the wooden board with a radar chart of flavors to give customers an idea how Ballantine’s drinks taste like. There’s “sweet,” “fruity,” “floral,” “spicy/herbal,” “oak/nutty” “dry,” and “vanilla.”


Other Amazing Features of Ballantine’s Travel Retail Display

We have noticed that they also incorporated a LED light box to augment their marketing. It says “new traveller exclusive.” What makes this effective is that it almost always translates to “discounts” thereby attracting more customers who are looking for affordable products.

They also used a QR codes so that customers can easily access the shop’s website and learn more about their ongoing promotions. Now that more people are using smartphones, access to the internet, and their company’s website, is much more convenient.

With that said, we believe Ballantine’s succeeded in promoting their limited-edition whiskey collection in a unique and remarkable way. So, if you are looking for a way to boost your airport marketing, a custom travel retail display might be what you need. Luckily, we, at The ODM Group, can help custom design free standing display units and other types of POS displays. Our team can also help you with designing, sourcing, and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise for your business. Speak with us today.


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