Marker’s Mark’s did a great job promoting their products by using a meaningful and innovative FSDU design. Their barrel display embodies their goals and it also perfectly sums up their company motto: “Character isn’t made by machine.” It is a surefire way to leave a powerful impression among shoppers.

FSDU Design

FSDU Design

Quality & Exclusivity

The barrel stands and the floor sticker are not only attractive and attention-grabbing, but they also create a sense of quality and exclusivity. It will definitely make your product and brand stand out from competition among the drinks industry in the supermarket. Furthermore, their bespoke free standing store display helped them convey their brand story, setting them apart from other brands. A well designed display can tell a story of a thousand words!

Flexibility & Versatility

Free standing display units or FSDUs are a marketing manager’s favourite merchandising tool due to its flexibility and versatility. Because these standalone POS display units are often placed along shop aisles, entrance, or checkout counters, they position your brand in a way that people will have easier access to them.

So, if you are looking to boost your POS advertising, here are few simple tips to help you create an amazing FSDU design.

4 Rules on Creating Great FSDU Design for Duty Free Marketing

  • Make Your Display Relevant: Design your POS display unit around your brand identity to create finer brand recall. The message you want to convey will be apparent in your display and props.
FSDU Design

FSDU Design

Whiskeys are aged in oak barrels and this has been the choice of container as far back as the ancient Romans. Its durability and ability to seal in liquid properly have a profound effect in the taste of whisky and wine. As such, Maker’s Mark’s in-store display shows us that their drinks are aged to perfection in oak barrels, something whiskey enthusiasts look for in choosing their drinks.

  • Make it Pop!: The choice of colour in your displays should also make your brand easily recognisable. Maker’s Mark’s used their trademark colour  for their FSDU design and floor decal, which made the whole ensemble stand out. Moreover, the colours used in the design makesu one think of the color of their whisky. In essence, they appeal to Maker’s Mark target customers’ senses.
FSDU Design

FSDU Design

  • Consistency in Brand Message: Your brand name, message, or logo should be large enough to be read from a great distance. This allows you to gain greater advantage especially when you’re competing with several other brands inside a retail store. In our example, you’ll read the brand on floor decal and barrel stand clearly and the font echoes its vintage roots. The message, branding, and colour schemes play a crucial role in building stronger brand association.
  • Brand Positioning: Do consider their position in your store’s floor layout. Placing the unit at the centre or the edge of the aisle would definitely help command attention, just like what Maker’s Mark did. Having a full round display allows for customers in all directions are able to see your eye-catching design.


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What are FSDUs used for?

FDSUs make great promotional tools and can be utilised successfully in a number of ways. They can be used to promote and increase traffic to a new product launch or act as platform to promote existing product lines. In addition, they can also be used by a brand for creative placement of products to stand out from competition

Where can FDSUs be placed?

FDSUs can be places virtually anywhere in the retail space. Prominent areas such as entrances to stores, checkout areas or end of aisle spaces are high traffic areas that can catch the customers' attention. FDSUs can also be strategically placed next to related products that can encourage consumer purchase.

Why are FDSUs good for the drinks industry?

FDSUs can be customised and designed to cater to each industry's needs. In the drinks industry, many brands tend to portray a premium image of the brand. This is because drinks branding is crucial to bring across the message of taste and quality to the market. A free standing display unit is a promotion that can bring successful marketing in the industry.

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