April is Earth Awareness Month, and this is the best time to express your company’s environmental stance. One way to help minimize your carbon footprints and encourage customers to do the same is to use eco-friendly promotional items such as these solar promotional products. Green promotional products not only help in raising awareness about current environmental issues but they can also give your brand a huge competitive advantage.

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

Due to consumers’ growing concerns about environmental pollution and their contributions to it, they tend to be more inclined towards environmentally-friendly companies who share their concerns. They also prefer green alternatives to single-use plastic bags such as custom eco-friendly bags made from wheat, bamboo, and recycled paper.

Thus, to strengthen customer loyalty, you should ensure your production processes and products are eco-friendly. You could also offer green corporate gifts like solar led keychains to further reinforce your message. This is because solar-powered products do not contribute to air pollution and are safe to use. The following are 4 solar promotional gifts that you can use to augment your green marketing.


4 Solar Promotional Gift Ideas for Earth Awareness Month

1.Solar Charger Packs: Portable chargers take a longer time to charge, thus consuming more electricity. Solar charger packs are a fantastic alternative to portable chargers because they harness the sun’s energy. They can charge phones, USB devices, and tablets. Because there’s an unlimited amount of solar energy, these solar chargers can help consumers to cut back on electricity usage.

It is safe to use because the CE and FCC markings on the product show that they are compliant with international safety standards. With such products, you can now charge all your devices without worrying about the negative impacts on the environment!

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month


2. Paper Solar Chargers: Some Portable power banks are heavy and bulky, but this paper solar charger is different. It is lightweight and slim so it is more convenient to use. You don’t even have to worry about these chargers running out of power as they are solar-powered. Plus, they provide a great opportunity for creative branding.

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month


3. Solar Fan Caps: Although solar fan caps may not look aesthetically pleasing, you should not rule it out entirely. This is because such caps provide you with some comfort and protection from the scorching sun. It has a built-in fan to help customers cool down. Moreover, the fan will work as long as the sun is shining and at its peak, as it uses solar energy to charge.

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month


4. Solar Torches: These flashlights make an amazing emergency companion. Because it is solar-powered, customers will not have to worry about the battery leaking. Thus, solar torches are ideal for emergency situations as it would not fail on you.

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

4 Solar Promotional Gifts for Earth Awareness Month

While all the products above will definitely leave a positive impact on the environment, customizing these products will surely make your customers view your brand in a positive light.  Here are 4 ways you can do so:


4 Ways to Customize these Solar Promotional Products

1.Branding: This is the most crucial part of product design. By not branding your products, you are missing out on the opportunity to enhance your visibility. Additionally, you are also losing your competitive edge, indirectly making your competitors’ products and services seem more attractive. As you’re at risk of a shrinking consumer base when this happens, you should always brand your products with your logo, brand name, and brand visuals.

2. Additional Features: You should always find ways to innovate products by adding new features or functions to them. Firstly, you can innovate the solar charger packs by making it attachable to bags or even combine the two and create a custom solar backpack. Secondly, you can innovate the paper solar chargers by making it as small as a credit card. Thirdly, you can also turn the cap with a solar fan into a Promotional 6-in-1 solar toy.  As for the solar torch, you can make it even more portable by turning it into a Foldable solar torch.

3. Meaningful Messages: The purpose of using solar-powered products is to reduce our carbon footprints and encourage sustainability. You could add meaningful messages like “Don’t turn your back on the environment, not when it needs you the most” to remind consumers to use eco-friendly products every day.

4. Packaging: No matter how innovative and beautiful your products are, your products will dim in comparison to less innovative products that have custom retail packaging or sustainable ones like custom cardboard packaging. Therefore, the packaging is equally important in promoting your products and brand. A way for you to customize your packaging is by using environmentally friendly materials such as rice husk packaging:


Here are Other Solar Promotional Product Ideas for Earth Day

Custom Solar Windmill – Here’s an amazing marketing gift idea you should offer your customers, clients, and employees this Earth Awareness Month. It is more than just a decorative item so read the blog to know why it works!


Solar Camping Lights – Many people will surely rush to the countryside once the coronavirus pandemic is over. Here are different ideas for camping lights that companies should include in their merchandise list.


Power can be a constant concern during hiking trips. That is why we are offering you these solar backpacks. These are 2-in-1 products that combine the functionality of a backpack and a solar panel. Check out the innovative designs here: 


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Here’s another inspiration for a solar powered toy we found during HK Toy Show!


Take a look at how ODM can help you with your green promotional literature!


In a Nutshell,

Earth Awareness Month is the perfect time to show the public of your commitment and efforts towards minimizing your carbon footprint. You should also take this time to encourage and remind the public to play their part to conserve the environment too. However, just because you’re using sustainable products doesn’t mean that there’s no more room for creativity and innovation. You could add meaningful messages or other useful features to it. These factors also help to enhance brand awareness, brand visibility and eventually revenue.

Keen on making your sustainable marketing gifts or personalized and promotional marketing gift items? Contact ODM now to learn more about how we can help you out. We have a team of product designers with vast experience in designing promotional products for your business. We can assist you with product brainstorming and sourcing of green promotional products.

Also, if you like the products mentioned above, quote these product codes when you send an email of inquiry.

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