Solar chargers are becoming more and more common in this day and age. Check out what NIVEA has done for their promotional advertisement earlier this summer!

NIVEA Sun collaborated with Brazilian Magazine Veja Rio to feature a paper-thin solar panel and a USB port that allows people to charge their mobiles while enjoying being under the sun.

NIVEA Solar chargers

NIVEA Solar chargers

Why advertise using solar chargers?

The challenge of this advertisement is to position NIVEA Sun as a friendly and innovative brand, especially so they can meet the needs of their customers. NIVEA Sun specializes in sun care products and they understand that their products will sell as long as people are under the sun. Therefore, they have come up with this method to encourage people to be out in the sun more!

NIVEA Sun has brilliantly come up with the approach of offering solar chargers. The main purpose of offering solar chargers to their customers is to take away the need for them to return back to the shade to charge their hand phones; allowing them more time in the sun. This marketing campaign also demonstrates the confidence NIVEA Sun has in their products. They are sure that their sun care products are definitely able to handle that extra time under the sun.

This campaign was well loved by global audiences. Much because offering a solar charger in a magazine is not only unique, but extremely practical as well. People used the solar charger in the ad at the beach, swimming pools or any place that had sun. While people were enjoying the sun, the ad was charging their phones. This communicates the exact concept of NIVEA Sun: Make the most out of the sun.

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