Solar LED keyring supplier

As the world goes green, so too promotional products as companies seek to project an environmentally friendly image in environmentally conscious  times.

The LED solar key chain is an eco friendly and perfect promotional giftSolar powered and LED lighting are both efficient and environmentally friendly – they ensure that the key chain can be used as a handy flashlight without ever requiring batteries so can be kept long term in case of emergency.

LED lighting also helps to save energy due to efficient lighting and a long lifespan far exceeding conventional flashlights; providing perfect utility to customers to attach to their keys for handy usage in low light conditions.

Logos can be imprinted on the back the of the key chain to help promote the company’s green image to consumers and their associates; thus improving brand image.

We saw these being sold at the Shanghai world expo with the expo’s mascot printed onto it. The gift itself would also project high perceived value to consumers due to usage of solar and LED technology in a promotional item.

Besides usage in usual gift with purchase promotions, this product may also work for corporate gifts to employees.