More solar powered toys are making their way to the market and this is a recent one was gaining a lot of attention at the HK Toy Show.

Solar powered cars use small solar panels to drive tiny motors, thus propelling the wheels forward.

How to make this a Promotional Product ? Everybody is talking the green revolution, and our clients always try to incorporate environmentally friendly products for their promos.

You can incorporate logos and images on the sides of these cars and set them up on racing tracks in window displays or other places which receive direct sunlight.   Constant movement makes a promotion more visible and eye catching – think flags.

Solar cars or games kit will provide hours of fun for children desiring to understand better the process behind solar energy. More than a simple toy, solar car are educational items.

Discover the power of the sun from an early age.  Batteries are not included. They are not required.

Solar powered car use small solar panels to drive tiny motor, thus propelling the wheels forward.

Although still at their infancy stage and not widely marketed, solar toys are sure to become a blockbuster in the future. Why not take a lead in this.  They will attract the curiosity of onlookers in a wide array of settings and convey a very positive message about your company.

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