Looking for something to promote your brand in a positive and distinctive way? Then a custom solar umbrella might be what you need.

Custom Solar Umbrella

Custom Solar Umbrella

Green marketing is fast becoming popular in the business world. First of all, eco-friendly marketing gifts, promotional products, and marketing tools uphold brand reputation. This is because they showcase your company as a caring and reliable company. Using a custom solar umbrella for outdoor promotions positions your brand in a more positive light. With your brand on the canopy, you’re raising awareness about your company as well as your environmental stance.


Here’s how a custom solar umbrella can help your next promotion:

  • Positions Your Company as an Eco-Friendly Brand: Many companies are adopting green marketing strategies to further boost their image. Solar promotional gifts are becoming popular nowadays as mor and more shoppers are making eco-conscious buying decisions. If you want something that will last and can be used long-term, then a custom solar umbrella is ideal.


  • Multifunctional: This custom solar umbrella has LED and allows customers to charge their phones. Being a 2-in-1 product, this will greatly help your promotional campaign in many ways. Ideal for venue marketing, bar promotions, and outdoor marketing this 2-in-1 promotional tool, will certainly add value to your brand. Customers will get to enjoy their food and drinks and make important calls and check their emails knowing they will not run out of battery life. Furthermore, LED light is installed in the canopy so there’s no need to install lights on each of the umbrella.
Custom Solar Umbrella

Custom Solar Umbrella

  • Energy-Saving: The solar panes installed in the umbrella collects solar energy from the sun, which is stored in the battery. So, instead of connecting to the store’s main outlet to charge phones, customers can just plug their mobile phones in the umbrella stand. Harnessing the unlimited power of the sun is a great way to reduce energy consumption. What’s more, the LED light installed in the umbrella is energy-efficient so it does not consumes a lot of solar energy.
Custom Solar Umbrella

Custom Solar Umbrella


  • Brand Exposure: Take your brand on the streets with this custom solar umbrella! With your brand name or logo on the canopy, you are positioning your brand for greater visibility. Customize the colors and prints to create better visual impact. The more people see your brand on the street, the more they become familiar with it, thus, raising top of mind awareness.
Custom Solar Umbrella

Custom Solar Umbrella


Why Umbrella?

We have a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing custom umbrellas for promotions. Whether it’s a personal umbrella customers can use to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays or picnic umbrellas they can use for outdoor activities, you can expect our team to deliver high quality merchandise.

Umbrellas are simple yet effective way to extend your visibility outside retail stores. Here are some of the best examples:

This umbrella with cooler table is ideal for marketing drinks during outdoor events such as music fest, sports, and charity events. The 2-in-1 function allows you to keep your drinks cool all day long while keeping your staff protected from the harsh heat of the sun and rain.


Here are great customized umbrella designs that yo might want to check out. Ingenious designs such as LED-lighted umbrella and reflective umbrellas can help your brand raise awareness about road safety. These products will help pedestrians keep safe at night whilst making your brand stand out even in the dark.


Perfect for summer promotions, this umbrella with built-in fan is the answer to keeping your body temperature cool all throughout the day. It has a wide imprint area to print your brand name or logo on.


These are just some of the important reasons you should consider investing in a custom solar umbrella. This innovative product will not only pull in more customers but will also give your image the boost it needs.


Contact The ODM Group

So, if you need help designing and sourcing your very own custom solar umbrella for your next promotions, don’t hesitate to contact The ODM Group. We have years of experience designing, sourcing, and manufacturing promotional products and marketing tools. Send us an email to get a quick quote for this custom branded umbrella with Solar Panes and LED Lights. Product Code is 2549.

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