Commonly used to tell a tale or message, movies play a huge part in today’s culture. A good movie not only rakes in lots of sales revenue but also becomes the talk of the town. Clips of the movie also tend to go viral on social media. Movie replica props are even making huge sales. Thus, brands should take advantage of custom themed packaging to not only boost sales but also brand awareness. Here’s a recent example of a movie-themed packaging.

Custom Themed Packaging

Custom Themed Packaging

Here is a recent movie themed collaboration between Coca-Cola and Marvel Studios, to promote the recent movie Avengers Endgame. Coca-Cola opted to sell themed cans in groups of threes, packed in a custom themed packaging. Coca-Cola stayed true to its colour theme of red, black and silver, which also suited the graphic images of the Avengers. Each can have one graphic design of an Avenger, and there 6 Avengers in total to collect.

Brand Leverage with Custom Themed Packaging

Movies have such a huge social media presence, e.g. the Avengers Endgame Trailer raked up a record 289 million views in its first 24 hours to become to the most viewed trailer. Breaking the record of 230 million views set by the Avengers Infinity War Trailer. This not only means that people are interested in these movies but also shows how popular these movies are at face value. Being able to leverage on the Movie’s popularity not only increases your brand exposure but also helps customers relate your brand with something they are familiar with. This can also be done with a gift with purchase promos, on pack promos, and even themed free standing display units.

Custom Themed Packaging

Custom Themed Packaging

Collector Items

A mix of rare collaborations alongside limited stocks make a good concoction to be a collector’s item. With custom themed packaging based around a possible one-time big event, such as anniversary promos, customers know that these limited-time products are not going to be manufactured once the event stops. By producing limited stocks, there will be a shortage of supply. With limited supplies and growing demand, your products will be valued at a higher cost. The surge in demand will also push buyers to buy your products at a rapid pace. This allows you to produce and sell products at large quantities. Releasing part of the promo separately as collectible promos will also ensure you have a constant demand.

Custom Themed Packaging

Custom Themed Packaging

Custom Themed Packaging should definitely be a go-to option when doing movie marketing, due to the high success rate and potential to generate massive hype around the products. However, brands should pay special care in not overproducing these Limited Edition products, as the product’s value is based around its limited supply.


How Can ODM Help?

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