We’ve had a lot of enquiries for Face Masks over the last few weeks.   They have been hard to come by due to production capacity issues but this has eased recently.   We got to thinking though, brands should focus also on recycling

When you take off Face masks at a restaurant, office or home, store them well so that their life can be prolonged.  ODM can help with Custom Face Mask Pouches that we can customise with unique fabrics and imagery.   They are a great gift idea to include in your gift-with-purchase or as a standalone promotional product. We’ll be providing you 5 reasons why your brand should offer face mask pouches for your beloved customers.

Custom Face Mask Pouch : 5 Reasons Why it Will Boost Your Brand Image

Custom Face Mask Pouch : 5 Reasons Why it Will Boost Your Brand Image

Custom Face Mask Pouch : 5 Reasons Why it Will Boost Your Brand Image

Custom Face Mask Pouch : 5 Reasons Why it Will Boost Your Brand Image



  1. It’s the Covid-19 Season

The virus has caused so much fear and paranoia among people. Countries like China and South Korea are shutting down their borders, with many other countries implementing a similar response. It seems like the virus is not going away anytime soon, which suggests a continuous demand for face masks. This is why we think that custom face mask pouches will be such a relevant product that your customers will appreciate in this pandemic climate.

  1. Face Masks are scarce

In response to the virus, the demand for face masks is increasing. People have been reported and criticized for stock piling face masks, and shortages of face masks is becoming common. That is why we wanted to provide a more sustainable solution with minimal waste. With a custom face mask pouch, users can store their face masks (used or unused) in the pouch to prevent it from further contamination and for future use. That way, users can save the extra money that they would have spent on additional face masks. This creates more value for your customers when you are able to provide them a more sustainable solution.

  1. High Utility

Custom face mask pouches are reusable and compact – which makes it easy to store in your bag. Simply give it an occasional wash to keep it sanitary and it will be ready for use. What does it mean to your business? Merchandise with high utility makes the best promotional item. Especially with something that provides repeated use, your brand will receive a high frequency of exposure.

  1. Promotes goodwill of the brand

Gifting your clients and customers with custom face mask pouches can also be a great idea to practise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. When your brand participates in a social cause that is relevant to the safety of the people, your brand becomes recognised as thoughtful, innovative and compassionate. The ability to protect the people’s interest and trust will build the brand image and strengthen relationships with clients/employees.

  1. Innovative Marketing

Custom face mask pouches are outside of the traditional swag (promotional merchandise) companies distribute to their customers e.g. branded promotional mugs, promotional t-shirts, custom printed umbrellas. When pursuing something unconventional, your brand tends to attract more attention. Instead of distributing the typical corporate t-shirt and merchandise, show your customers that your brand is capable of thinking outside the box.

In summary, we conclude that the best type of promotional merchandise are innovative items that perform in the best interest of your customers. In ODM, we also value our customers. If you need any help with designing and manufacturing good quality face mask pouches, do not hesitate to contact us. You can rely on us for creating good quality promotional products, personalised for your brand. We also love sharing marketing ideas and solutions to our customers, so be sure to visit our online magazine for more.

ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 related posts. Here in ODM, we urge you not to panic. Take precautions and stay safe. On behalf of the ODM team, we wish the best of health to our dear readers.

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