Recently, Malindo Air had the great idea of launching its own promotional travel kit for their passengers. They are nicely branded and are fully reusable. This method allows them to stand out in a crowd of competitors and to attract a lot of consumers.


Promotional travel kit : bag


Below, you will see that they offered an inflatable neck pillow, a towel giveaway, an ear plug, earphones, an eye mask, and a branded drawstring bag. The items all fit inside the promotional drawstring bag with “Get Comfy Kit” printed on it.


Promotional travel kit : all the items


We certainly love the functionality and comfort the kit provides to travelers. They are also branded, which helps keep their company name on top of customers mind. The prints stood out against the plum colored textile.


Why promotional travel kits are appealing?

Promotional travel kits fall within a big part of the business for airline companies. For example, companies firstly introduce amenity kit or promotional pouch bag for their Business and Premiere class passengers. Nowadays, quite all companies that operates long-distance routes provide quality branded travel kits to offer the best flight experience as possible. Those travel kits hold different products to allow passenger to enjoy the flight; earplugs, support stockings, eye mask, earphones even promotional towels, for example. Indeed, several studies have shown that passengers prefer flying with companies that provide travel kits than the others. You have certainly understood that providing promotional travel kits for your passengers is quite necessary to attract them. Moreover, branded in-flight merchandise can help your company to achieve great exposure and improve your brand image.


How to attract consumers with promotional kits?

“Travel smarter” is the new trend among consumers. Companies has to come up with something new and trendy to attract new consumers; for example branded eco-friendly products or eco-friendly promotional bags. As they are becoming more and more conscious about environmental issues, an interesting way of reaching customers with the promotional travel kits is to make it sustainable.

If you are considering using comfy kits to promote your brand, like what Malindo did, do consider using sustainable products. Combine the functionality of the travel kit with the sustainable aspect of the more eco-friendly package.

Above all, consumers are aware of little changes that could be made by changing their purchasing decisions. That’s the reason why developing an eco-friendly travel kit is a great strategy.


Keys to creating a good sustainable promotional travel kit

  • Firstly, use sustainable and eco-friendly materials to manufacture your custom promotional merchandise. Consumers pay more attention to products that are environmentally-friendly
  • Ditch the Plastic Bag! Try to develop an eco-friendly packaging. Explore different eco-friendly packaging such as corn starch and bamboo.



Promotional travel kit by Malindo Air

  • Instead of developing single-use items, try to produce reusable products for example, to minimize waste.
  • Above all, focus on comfort and hygiene to provide a better customer experience.
  • In addition, work on the design to develop an attractive sustainable travel kit. People are visual creatures. Pretty product designs and packaging are an effective way to make them curious and interested in your company.
  • Finally, highlight convenience. Lightweight kits are much easier to carry around.

Promotional travel kit by Malindo Air

In conclusion, you should not only offer a traditional promotional travel kit. We should focus on the added value of sustainable ones. It will allow your business to reach targeted customers and indirectly increase sales.

If you want you to be competitive, you have to follow the consumer trends regarding their preferences and habits. Eco-friendly products are a great way to reach consumers. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts, they would help you to develop a trendy product.


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