HK Express, the famous low cost carrier in Asia, has recently been spotted offering great inflight merchandise to its customers. It was done as part of their marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and exposure.

Inflight merchandise by HK Express Airline

Inflight merchandise by HK Express Airline

Why did HK Express offer inflight merchandise as part of their marketing strategy?

When we think about promotions to raise our profile perception, we always need to think about cheap items that will attract customers. In this occasion, HK Express airline have been offering the following items, which all have a low retail price:

1) HK Express aircraft model for HK$ 100 –  This model is scaled at 1:200 and comes with its own stand. The best aspect of this branded item is that the customer could place it anywhere, which means it has the potential of high visibility. This viability will increase brand awareness and exposure.

2) HK Express inflight blanket for HK$ 110 – This blanket is made out of polyester polar fleece and is washable, lightweight and has a high warmth retention. Customer will likely use this in various situations, such as sporting events, picnics and camping. All of which will ensure the blanket is highly visibility, which much like the aircraft model, will increase brand exposure. The size of this branded blanket is roughly 100cm x 150cm, although this can be customized.

3) HK Express comfort kit for HK$ 60 – This comfortable eye mask and matching neck pillow, is relevant to their business and will ensure their customers have a relaxing and pleasant flight experience.

The fact that their retail price is quite cheap suggests that HK Express has been purchasing these items in huge quantities to benefit from the cheap, bulk quantity unit prices. For marketing purposes, the benefits are intangible since they are making low monetary rewards per unit but with the main purpose of generating awareness and exposure.

This thoughtful marketing strategy by HK Express is now trending amongst airlines, in order to generate new leads and retain existing customers.

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