Branded table cloths can make the perfect marketing tool, hence why so many huge companies are taking advantage of the benefits, such as Comcast, Ford and Michelin. The product is simple, but with the right customizations, you can be certain that awareness and exposure of your brand will increase dramatically and attract consumers to your booth or store.

Branded Table Cloths

Branded Table Cloths

Why are branded table cloths a key marketing tool?

Primarily, it comes down to the huge branding area that comes with such a large table cloth. Comcast utilized this branding area by printing their large, simple logo with contrasting colors to ensure it stands out amongst others. Even though Comcast used a simple written logo, the large area allows for more complex logos. This means the cloth can be branded with your logo, along with lots of free space which can be used to explain about your company or your deals. Either way, your brand awareness will increase.

Branded Table Cloths

Branded Table Cloths

These branded table cloths are primarily used in public places, such as exhibitions or trade shows, but certainly aren’t limited to this use. The size can be completely customized, which means they can be used for a variety of different occasions, such as restaurants, open houses, and seminars. There are numerous other customizations that can be added, such as the color. The color is incredibly important, as it can be made to match your companies theme, which will make it more likely that consumers will recall your brand. It can also make it stand out, as we can see from the Comcast table cloth.

If you’re interested in discussing this marketing tool or any promotional product, then please contact us here. Our creative team, Mindsparkz, would be more than happy to assist you with the design of any promotional product, or the design of these branded table cloths.

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Can I include my brand name as well as the logo?

The beauty of custom promotional products is the fact that you can tweak it to your heart's content. You can include anything you feel will represent your brand the best but it's always best to keep it simple and unique

How I can incorporate this into my brand?

You can use it for outdoor promotional events and even indoors when hosting clients. It can even be used as a free gift. There are many different uses of this tablecloth.