In todays marketing environment trends are shifting towards more unique and innovative promotional ideas for branded products. A Branded Beer Pong table perfectly fits into this growing trend and will no doubt get beer consumers excited! This branded item has massive marketing potential that offers many opportunities and environments for it to employed. Alcoholic drinks companies should take note, and apply this to their promotional portfolio.


Unique Promotional Ideas- Branded Beer pong table

Unique Promotional Ideas- Branded Beer pong table

Opportunities For Branded Beer Pong Tables

Beer pong tables offer huge opportunities for companies to consider when using it for a unique promotion product.

This large table is simple yet effective in its design and is able to fold up to become portable, making it even more advantageous for customers. The reason for the products great promotion potential is due to branded space. The branded beer pong table offers huge space for customisable branded print including name, logo and slogan of the company. There is even opportunity to customize the design in terms of unique drawing and artwork to make the item really stand out. Ultimately by imprinting the brands culture i.e. colours, theme, style on to the table will help to stimulate brand awareness as more customer will notice and see the brand and their logos. This is particularly  important for new players to market who need the extra exposure.

In terms product positioning, the product would be fantastic within a bar and pub setting as it could help increase extra sales of the beer but also would fit with the target audience. Additionally it could used for parties and corporate events where theres a large audience so the brand could be effectively broadcasted.

This will help increase satisfaction and more importantly brand perception. Additionally it could be used as a creative In-store display, arranging all the brands product upon the table in the position of the beer pong game. This will certainly assist in differentiating the brand and making it stand out within the store.

Unique Promotional Ideas: Branded Beer pong table

Unique Promotional Ideas: Branded Beer pong table

Benefits gained from branded products.

  • Customer retention – Often overlooked, although a major chunk of a company’s revenue stream. Customer retention is far cheaper than attracting new customer’s to the product therefore by offering unique branded items can help improve satisfaction and ultimately create more loyal consumers that will follow repeat purchases.


  • Brand recognition – Branded products are a great tool to increase brand recognition. Especially these beer pong tables by customizing the item the customer will see the brand every time beer pong is played therefore will remaining in the mind of the consumer which can indirectly lead to sales.


  • Enhanced Image – branded tables can help to improve image, this comes down to the design of the table. If the design is attractive and fits with the underlying aspects of the company then consumer image of this will be positively reinforced/changed.
Unique Promotional Ideas: Branded Beer pong table

Unique Promotional Ideas: Branded Beer pong table

Overall, Unique Promotional ideas, particularly this branded beer pong table offer a fantastic new idea for the drinks market to implement bringing about numerous benefits to a company willing to implement it.

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