Get Bombed is marketing their own branded beer pong set, which taps into the beer industry. This game is perfect for beer companies- the brand of beer goes on the glass or the beer company offers this game as free GWP. Perfect marketing strategy for both the beer brands looking for new and unique products.

Branding products are taking the marketing industry by storm.  Beer Promos need to be innovative and companies need unconventional ideas. Beer pong is the most popular drinking game across many universities in different countries.


How to play beer pong:

Players fill cups with beer and make a triangle from these cups. The back has four cups, then three, then two then one. The opponents are aiming ping-pong balls into cups- if successful, one member from the other team drinks the cup the ball landed in. Once the ball lands in the cup, the cup is taken away. If both teammates balls land in the cups, the balls are rolled back and they shoot again.



Branded beer pong set- Opportunities

Branding any items, in this case, a beer pong set- offers an abundance amount of opportunities. Company makes different items associated with their brand. The company, Get Bombed has opportunities to make customize coasters, tables, ping pong balls with the company on them.. etc.

In addition, the location for this beer pong set is perfect at festivals, University campuses, beach parties, or parties in general. Since this is a small set and is made from plastic, it is easy to travel with. We can also see this product at bars and pubs- which increases the sales and branding of this product.

These cups are very versatile because a few other drinking games can be used with these cups.

Flip cup- Two teams are lined up facing each other, with the same number of people. The cups are filled with alcohol. The first member of the team must drink and then place the cup up at the edge of the table. The player must flick the cup and have the cup face down first against their opponent.

Quarters- A shooter is trying to bounce quarters into small shot glasses or cups on a table. When that persons quarter lands in the cup, they have to drink the content.

Benefits from a branded beer pong set

Recognition and loyalty- The benefit of branding is that customers will most likely remember the company associated with the product. Having a unique, strong or catchy name will most likely be remembered in the customers head.

Competitive edge in market. When customers recognize the brand, the company gains competitive advantage. The more the brand is built, the brand increases- other companies have to compete with your company. Furthermore, your product competes with other well-known brands.

More products- If the brand is successful and many people likes the product, it gives the company an avenue to start exploring with new ideas.

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Here is another way of seeing how items are being branded. This game not only has the wheel branded, but also their shot glasses.

This company branded a beer pong table. I like that the company is in the middle for everyone to see.

This Drinking Toss Game is great for all year around- it is small enough to bring inside during the winter. Great way for branding- stamp the logo in the middle for everyone to see.

For more inquiries about branded beer pong sets, contact ODM.   Please discuss with us about different legislation in varying countries.  There is a clamp down on advertising and promo gifts, similar to how Tobacco & Cigarette marketing is greatly reduced these days too.   It is important to choose products that obey local laws and customs related to Alcohol Marketing.