Foosball has always been a popular game among people all over the world. Not only is it a game which you play at pubs, it is also recognised as an official sport. It also allows you to relive your childhood memories. Therefore, a branded foosball table is a fun and interesting promotional product idea for your next event or trade fair.

Take a look at this branded foosball table by Veuve Clicquot which was spotted outside DiVino Patio, a restaurant in Hong Kong.

branded foosball table

Strengthen your Outdoor Marketing with a Branded Foosball Table!

Veuve Clicquot is a French luxury champagne house. Thus, you may wonder what champagne and foosball has to do with each other. However, this is actually a good marketing strategy which many brands adopt.

The colour scheme of the foosball table matches that of the champagne, black and an orangey-yellow shade. It looks simple and pleasing to the eyes. For promotions, they would be great for outdoor events or venue marketing. They would also be an interesting trade fair promotion idea.


How can a Branded Foosball Table Boost your Marketing Campaign?

  1. Highly Customisable: You can put your brand logo or name onto the foosball table to increase your brand visibility and exposure. You can also customise the colour to match your branding requirements. For this example, Veuve Clicquot chose to put their brand name and logo on the sides of the table as well as the base of the table. Thus, when customers play foosball, they will be exposed to the brand. Passers-by who simply look at the table will also be aware of the brand. Therefore, this can put your brand out there and reach out to more people.
  2. Word-of-Mouth advertising: A branded foosball table makes a great addition to events and bars or restaurants. It also provides players with memories of the fun they had while playing the game too. When they share these stories with their family and friends, they may also be reminded of the brand logo or name printed onto the table. They may also share about your brand to others, and this will increase your brand exposure
  3. Increased Brand Awareness: With its large size, this branded foosball table will be hard to miss! Many people will have fun playing this game while being exposed to your brand logo and name. This helps to etch it in their minds and they might make a purchase from your brand in the future. Thus, this is a great way to drive sales.

branded foosball table

Strengthen your Outdoor Marketing with a Branded Foosball Table!

A branded foosball table is a great and fun way to increase your brand visibility and exposure. Not only will people enjoy themselves while playing foosball, you will also be putting your brand out there. With that said, are you interested in having a branded foosball table too? If so, ODM can help! We have years of experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise, POS displays, as well as retail custom retail packaging. In addition, we have a dedicated team of in-house designers who will be able to assist you with your design needs. Feel free to drop us an inquiry today!

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