Score New Leads with Custom Branded Coolers with Foosball Game

Make your next drink promotion cooler than ever! Let these custom branded coolers with foosball cover help you score new leads, not a dead ball. Great for indoor and outdoor marketing, this drink promotional idea is definitely a promising product to offer. Furthermore, this is a great way to keep customers engaged with your brand!

custom branded foosball table

Custom Branded Foosball Table


These are a 2-in-1 cooler and foosball game table. How cool is that? These custom cooler carts are certainly a real game-changer.


What are the Cool Features of these Custom Branded Coolers?

These branded coolers are definitely a great products to utilize during events promotional activities. Portable, these allow beer and foosball lovers to enjoy their most favorite activities: drinking beer and having fun yet competitive matches with their buddies.

Here are the products’ cool features that would surely help you hit your sales goal.


1. Superb Insulation Property

The insulation property of these custom branded coolers with foosball cover is absolutely a superb one. Made from Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene( PP) materials, they can maintain the temperature of the drinks for a maximum of 72 hours or equivalent to 3 days. Thus, customers may enjoy their drinks for that length of time.

custom branded foosball table

Moreover, these promotional coolers can hold 60 liters of drinks, enough to serve a large number of people. The products measure 67*40*38cm.


2. Durability is Guaranteed

PE and PP materials are widely used in manufacturing plastic products. Its quality has been proven and tested over time. These thermoplastics have high fatigue resistance and very rigid, which is why they can withstand everyday wear and tear. Hence, the durability of these promotional beverage coolers are guaranteed.

custom branded foosball table

Custom Branded Foosball Table

Since the items are made from high-quality plastic, the coolers are rust and scratch-resistant. Moreover, they have UV- resistant powder coating, making them weather-resistant.


3. Safe and Eco-Friendly

As mentioned, these items are made from PE and PP material which means they are sturdy and definitely long-lasting. Although they are made from plastic, the ability to withstand everyday wear tear means customers need not buy new ones every time. These raw materials are recyclable and do not leach off harmful chemicals when they come into contact with hot or cold liquids.


4. Highly Customizable

The customizability feature of these branded coolers is something that you, as a brand owner, would love. The side of the coolers and center of the tables are ideal places on which to print your brand logo. Consequently, you can choose the color that would best represent your brand. Some of the available colors are red, blue, green, and black. Some of the best ones we’ve seen were the ones made for beer brands and Coca Cola.


custom branded foosball table

5. Versatile Promotional Item

These custom branded coolers are definitely not like the usual cooler you see in the market. They are specifically designed to be used for indoor and outdoor settings. The items are designed to hook foosball fanatics and customers while the cooler is made to pique the interest of beer, alcoholic beverages, and soda drink lovers out there.

custom branded foosball table

Custom Branded Foosball Table

Done right, it makes for a fantastic point of sale display, too! Designing the box to match your brand identity is one way to make them a great mini-advertising board. However, to maximize your exposure, offering them as a redemption gift or a purchase with purchase item is highly recommended.

This is not the first time we have featured a 2-in-1 cooler-foosball game.

This custom foosball table we have featured before has a height of 120cm and has a rounded stand. Both are innovative in that they combine two functionalities in one great product. However, this custom foosball table with a cooler is stationery. The bottom part is sturdy thus, users do not have to worry about accidental falls. The custom branded cooler with foosball game is made trolley style so it can be wheeled outside easily.



Another foosball table design we have featured before is this branded foosball we spotted outside a restaurant in Hong Kong. Designed for outdoor marketing only, this table is obviously larger than the custom branded foosball table. Compared with this, the former can be used for indoor and outdoor promotion.

Although this one is not a 2-in-1 cooler-foosball game, it was actually a good marketing strategy both for the restaurant and Veuve Clicquot, a French luxury champagne house. The color reflects the brand perfectly so it stood out and created a finer brand recall. Although this was spotted pre-pandemic, we believe that this would still be a great way to promote a venue. Many establishments are utilizing their outside spaces to attract customers and this would no doubt be a fantastic addition to any venue’s outdoor marketing strategies.


How to Make the Best Drink Promotional Activity with these Foosball Coolers?

If you are wondering how can these custom branded coolers level up your next promotional activity,  here are the cool ways to consider:

1. Make these coolers a contest giveaway.

Since promotional raffle is very common nowadays, why not consider conducting one for your marketing campaign? But take note that it can only be conducted at a venue that holds a club license under the Liquor Act 2007. The main goal of the activity must be limited only to attracting or entertaining patrons. With regards to that, these custom branded coolers would be an ideal winning product. Tapping the power of social media and QR codes is the best way to promote the contest prize as this will not require mass gatherings or in-store raffle draw.


2. Offer as a promotional product.

The 2-in-1 functionality of these items would make them your ideal promotional products. The superb insulation property, durability, and versatility of these custom branded coolers will help you lure even more customers to your store. Their aesthetic appearance also adds value to these items as well.


custom branded foosball table

The custom branded coolers with foosball cover can easily grab the attention of the customers as they play this exciting game while drinking. These promotional items can surely increase your brand awareness while giving fun to your customers.


3. Utilize them as an In-Store Display

The unique design of these coolers will undeniably capture the attention of every customer, especially those who love the foosball game and beverages. The design would entice them to buy your drink products, thus resulting in higher sales. In addition, displaying them along with your drink products would probably help to spread brand awareness.


4. Bring these Foosball Table Coolers to Popular Drink Events

We can’t deny the fact that people love drinks and beverages. The multi-celebration of drinks celebration proves that fondness. There are 4 much-awaited beverages days in the month of July including Mojito, Daquiri, Tequila, and Scotch Whiskey Day. Furthermore, people are also excited to participate in the International Beer Day during the month of August.


Custom Branded Foosball Table


The events are definitely great avenues to promote your drink products. As lots of people will join the celebration, there is a higher chance for your brand to be recognized. Consequently, bringing these custom branded coolers with your customized logo would be a cool way to showcase your brand and products.

They also serve as remarkable gifts for your marketing events. Customers who received something from the events or trade shows they have attended tend to remember the positive image of your brand.


Final Thoughts

These custom branded coolers with foosball cover are certainly a unique and funny way to promote your drink brand. Allowing your customers to relax and enjoy while having their favorite drinks is absolutely an innovative strategy to get their interest. With this sporty promotional idea, you have a higher chance to promote your brand in the market.


How Can ODM Help

ODM group has created a lot of customized giveaways and personalized promotional products for our clients in the past, and until today,  keep on producing high-quality and innovative products for them. We are the pioneer in manufacturing branded packaging and first-rate POS display units in Asia.

If you think that these foosball table coolers will help you hit your sales goal, send us an email today, and do not forget to quote the product code: ODM- 3772.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Foosball Table?

A foostable is a table that is used to play the foosball game. It commonly measures 56 inches long and 36 inches high. But this custom branded foosball table measures 67*40*38cm.

Does foosball table customizable?

The foosball table is highly customizable. Customers can choose their own colors, and add their brand logo on the table and on the cooler as well.

What are the materials used in making this foosball table?

Material may vary depending on the product manufacturers. But this foosball table that we have is made from PP and PE materials, very sturdy thermoplastics with high fatigue resistance.

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