5 Killer Strategies to Promote with Promotional Beverage Cooler

With the scorching summer months, it is the perfect season for drinks brands to bring out their best outdoor marketing ideas. If your business is one of them, you are surely looking for strategies to welcome new customers and bring back the existing ones with your new marketing campaign. Well, let’s end your search here! Let us help you win this season with a promotional beverage cooler and leverage killer promotional strategies in your promotions today.

Promotional Beverage Cooler

Promotional Beverage Cooler


What’s Up With This Promotional Beverage Cooler?

Made from Polyethylene (PE) plastic material, this promotional beverage cooler is durable and wear-resistant. This quality material is being used in a wide range of applications across different industries.

It can be easily engineered according to the end-use requirements that make it ideal for producing unique promotional products. This can-shaped beverage cooler is just one of the out-of-the-box ideas that we have seen in the market.

Promotional Beverage Cooler

Promotional Beverage Cooler


The insulation properties of this cooler box are essential in keeping the right temperature of drinks products and quench your customers’ thirst. Moreover, it can hold up to 18 liters which makes it perfect for catering to a large group of customers.

On top of that, this branded cooler has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can easily set up the mood while serving customers your refreshing drinks products with this innovative merchandise. It comes with a USB port which allows you to charge the speaker when you needed to.

Promotional Beverage Cooler

Promotional Beverage Cooler


Killers Strategies to Promote with Promotional Beverage Coolers

1. Targeting Customers with the Right Product

Identifying your customers’ desires or even pain points will help you select the right products to offer. Highlighting them on your marketing campaign will help you out to boost revenue and attract more customers to your business. Why not elevate the way you present your products with this beverage cooler?


2. Be Where Your Customers Are

It is important to be where your customers are, from brick-and-mortar to mobile browsing and everything in between. You can spice up your marketing campaign by incorporating this promotional beverage cooler into your outdoor displays, trade show marketing, and even in your online advertisements.

Promotional Beverage Cooler

Promotional Beverage Cooler


3. Go for A Decorative Enhancement

This promotional beverage cooler is 100% customizable. You can easily place your brand’s logo or name on it and incorporate other brand elements as well. Getting this beverage cooler lends a decorative enhancement to your store and “wow” your guests in your next promotions.


4. Spread Awareness Further With Your Brand’s Song

Why not play your brand jingle or other audio content while you’re executing your outdoor marketing campaign or serving customers in a park? With the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can help people easily recognize your brand. It is a convenient way to reinforce your brand identity in consumers’ minds wherever they are.


5. Strengthen Your Customers’ Loyalty

Customer loyalty is important in sustaining business operations. Strengthening it by giving your most loyal customers perks and rewards can be a smart move. This can-shaped promotional beverage cooler is a surefire way to leave a remarkable impression on your customers and appreciate their business with you.

Promotional Beverage Cooler

Promotional Beverage Cooler


To Sum It Up,

Promotional beverage coolers are just one of the out-of-the-box promotional ideas that you can utilize in your drinks promotions. It is a potent marketing tool that can help you spread brand awareness and reinforce your brand identity to the market while attending to their desire this hot season.

Interested in getting this innovative promotional product? Quote the product code OMD-3773 when reaching out to our team and let’s get these killer strategies to work on your marketing promotions!

Here at ODM, our team is always updated on the latest branded promotional product ideas in the market. Thus, we make sure to uphold our mission of providing clients with high-quality and effective promotional merchandise.


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