Top 7 Summer Swag Items: Trendy Promo Ideas for Brand Managers

Summer is here! If you’re looking for ways to give the current situation a background refresh, let us help you out with these trendy promotional ideas that will surely heat up your sales during the hot months. Today, let’s dive into our top picks for summer swag items to tap into the summer spirit for a marketing campaign.

Summer Swag Items

Have you planned your summer marketing campaign yet? We all know that this approaching retail season is one of the biggest, and we should definitely take advantage of it. Utilizing seasonal campaigns are a great way to promote your business and boost customer engagement.

Our Top 7 Picks for Summer Swag Items

Summer Swag Items

1. Custom Reusable Face Mask

Printed with a Tropical design, this custom reusable face mask is perfect to match with your OOTD’s this summer!

Offering something that customers can use to protect themselves during these stressful times will ease their anxiety. Using this custom reusable face mask will remind them that they rely on your company no matter what.

Product code: ODM-2935

2. Promotional Foldable Table

An excellent outdoor promotional product for marketing wine, this promotional foldable table will certainly allow you to stand out against your competitors.

Handcrafted to create perfect moments, this collapsible table is drafted with slots that serve as wine bottle and glass holders. It also has a built-in bottle opener on its side which makes it more functional and stylish.

Product code: ODM-3671

Summer Swag Items
Summer Swag Items

3. Custom Cooling Towel

Made from thick PVC material, this custom cooling towel is perfect for cooling down your body after an intense workout. In contrast with regular towels available in the market, this cooling towel can hold water and keep it cool for a longer time.

It is a perfect summer swag item that your customers can appreciate as they will find useful in dealing with the scorching hot months.

Product code: ODM-2500

4. Branded Ice Cube Molds

Drinking a cold and refreshing beverage can absolutely quench your thirst during this season. These branded ice cube molds allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks any time and share them with your family and friends.

This drinks promotional gift makes an excellent marketing gift for beer, wine, whiskey lovers. It is also an excellent swag item that is cost-effective yet adds value to your brand’s summer marketing campaign.

Product code: ODM-3571

Summer Swag Items
Summer Swag Items

5. Slap On Branded Sunglasses

Of course, who would miss on this custom promotional item? Summer season is undeniably the perfect time to bring out your sleek and stylish sunglasses to enjoy the day. Like other wearable promotional items, sunglasses can serve as a walking advertisement.

This particular sunglass comes as a slap on, making it more convenient to bring anywhere and use any time you want!

Product code: ODM-1707

6. Spiker Cup Holder

This summer swag item is a unique promotional gift idea that can save you from any hassle that the sand can cause at the beach. A cup holder is what you need to keep your food, drinks, and personal stuff sand-free.

Made from quality plastic material, this cup holder is reusable and long-lasting. You can put anything from beer and soda cans to snacks, sunblock, and sunglasses.

Product code: ODM-3325

Summer Swag Items
Summer Swag Items

7. Giant Tic Tac Toe

Are you gearing up for an outdoor event for your summer marketing campaign? You can make it more thrilling and engaging with this custom Tic Tac Toe. Lay it on the floor or garden, and you are good to go.

You can make your target audience participate actively through this custom outdoor game, and provide a wonderful experience. This giant Tic Tac Toe can bring your brand’s creativity out there!

Product code: ODM-2810

Why Would Brand Managers Love these Ideas?

These summer swag items are often overlooked because they are usually simple and often inexpensive. But for brand managers, this is a wonderful opportunity to exhibit brand creativity through customizing and adding their brand’s key elements to each item.

Nothing can add value to your promotions than utilizing simple products and turn them into unique corporate gift ideas. On top of that, our top picks for summer swag items are perfect for the following sales promotion ideas:

1. Temperature Triggered Advertising

According to Weather Ads, studies have demonstrated that when a person feels warm, this will activate memories associated with warmth, such as comfort and trust. Thus, an advert or product recommendation is likely to have a greater influence if it is warm inside the store or if a consumer views it on a warm day.

2. Strategic Brand Collaboration

Why don’t you partner up with another business in your area with a similar customer base to create a collaborative deal? This is a win-win for both businesses and can help generate more sales. This is also great for your B2B relations and can lead to more collaboration in the future.

3. Boost Consumer Engagement through Giveaways

Free stuff! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giveaways are a tried-and-true method of increasing consumer engagement. Boost your online or in-store marketing campaign and generate more leads by offering free items or experiences that are worth getting excited about.

4. Summer Exclusive Offers

Come up with a fun promotional product or special that is a summertime-only thing. Customers will feel like they have to purchase it so they don’t miss out since it will only be available for a short amount of time. By marketing a new item as a limited-time offer, you create a sense of urgency for your target audiences to get a hold of this new experience. This is a well-known effective marketing tool that will increase your customer traffic and drive purchase intent.

Bringing this All Together,

Brand management is certainly not an easy task, especially during these challenging times where outside uncontrollable factors need to be considered. But who says you cannot pull off a successful summer marketing campaign this year? With these Summer Swag Items, you can totally show your target audiences that they can still enjoy the hot summer months with trendy and functional promotional items that your business offers. If you’re interested in getting these swag items for sizzling summer marketing promotions, just quote the product codes mentioned above when sending us your email.

How ODM Can Help?

Here at ODM, we provide an array of well-structured services for all your marketing and promotional product requirements. With a long history of experience in the design and manufacturing of promotional products, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our promotional product services range from brainstorming and design, logistics, quality control, factory audit, and everything in between. It is essential for us to be involved as much as possible from the initial spark of an idea of a promotional product all the way down to its manufacturing and shipping to your chosen destination. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!

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