Why Offer Promotional Products for Healthcare as On-Pack Gifts?

According to a study, 82% of customers had a more positive impression of the brand when they received a free item attached to the product. On-pack promotions are an exceptional way to make your product stand out on the shelf. This leads to an increase in sales and strengthens customers’ loyalty. Are you a promo manager looking for promotional products for healthcare to fight the threat of viruses? Here’s a fine example!

promotional products for healthcare

promotional products for healthcare

Healthcare On-Pack Promotion from Skin White – Protective Face Shield 

Skin White is a skincare company that offers skin whitening lotions, soaps, deodorants, body wash, facial wash, facial cleanser, and face cream products. This on-pack promotion of Skin White is spotted in a market in the Philippines. The company provides a very timely free item incorporated into their product, a face shield. It is a relevant on-pack offer because it is one of the essential protective equipment one can use to be safe and secure from the threat of coronavirus. The benefits of the face shield complement Skin White’s goal of taking care of the customers.

promotional products for healthcare

promotional products for healthcare

The use of a protective isolation mask helps to protect the entire face. The eyes, nose, and mouth can be a gateway of the virus to enter the body. Here’s why this promotional face mask works:

  • Clear non-foggy full-face mask – Fogging can be dangerous. When the lens is blurry due to fog, it can increase the risk of an accident. This face shield has a clear visor that can completely cover the face of the wearer while keeping a clear vision.
  • Hassle-free to wear – The face shield is easy to wear, you’re just like wearing eyeglasses. Lightweight makes this comfortable to wear.
  • Waterproof – These protective isolation shields are made from clear waterproof material, easy to clean, and are reusable.
  •  Splash-proof – This face shield protects you from spitting splash and dust. 

Healthcare On-pack Promotion from Swish – The Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Another product that caught our attention is Swish Breath Spray, which is currently offering antibacterial hand wipes as an on-pack gift. As there is a cutout in the box, the promotional gift can be easily noticed by the customers. These antibacterial hand wipes are a favorable item for customers because it is one of the necessary PPE to protect ourselves from the virus.

promotional products for healthcare

promotional products for healthcare

These antibacterial hand wipes are dermatologically tested, safe for sensitive skin. It is proven to remove dirt from hands and kill bacteria. On a positive note, this hand hygiene is more convenient to carry since it is small and can be placed inside a pocket. The free item in the Swish mouthwash is beneficial to the customers since it is a great combination of the product.

Five Benefits of Using Promotional Products for Healthcare as On-Pack Gifts

On-pack promotion is one of the widely used retail marketing strategies. Choosing the appropriate promotional products to incorporate into your on-pack campaign is essential. You should think in terms of what your customers will need to increase your chance of getting noticed by shoppers. Here’s why this promotional campaign works!

  1. Expand the brand visibility.

    On-pack promotions create visibility for your brand. When customers are shopping at the market, they closely look at the product on how it will benefit them. The brand offering something extra stands out on the shelf, especially if the free item cannot be found anywhere else. This arouses customers’ desire to purchase your product as they will receive a gift from the brand.

  2. Long-Term Customer Engagement with your brand.

    These on-pack promotions can build a greater impact on your brand. Customers easily recognize your brand when there are promotional products attached. On-pack promotions are effectively engaging more customers to purchase your products. Especially now that we need some kind of protection against the deadly COVID-19, a free PPE is a thoughtful gesture that customers will surely appreciate.

  3. Build Customers’ Loyalty.

    Freebies generate repeat buyers until they become loyal customers of your brand. Customers are more likely to look forward to the gift attached to your product from time to time. This is because they feel that they are gaining something for free while purchasing your product. This gives a sense of satisfaction to your customers, hence build their loyalty to your brand. 

  4. Guarantee to Drive Revenues.

    As you incorporate free items with your products, it attracts more customers to make purchases. More sales from the on-pack promotions result in higher revenues.

  5. Create a Reason to Buy.

    Customers easily perceive the products with free items. On-pack gifts provide the customers a reason to purchase your product for the free item that they will receive. They are certainly more likely to drive customers’ purchasing decisions.

Our Takeaways

Promotional products for healthcare are a timely gift for shoppers especially this time of health crisis. Remember, the products you attached with your brand convey a message to your customers. Make it worth the purchase. 

Are you interested in offering promotional products but don’t know how to make it happen? ODM is your reliable partner when it comes to providing exceptional promotional merchandise to your customers. If you want to make your ideas come to life, contact us today. We have expert in-house designers and merchandisers that can help you with product sourcing and product deck creation. What are you waiting for? Message us today so we can help you! 

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