4 Ways to Heat Up Summer Sales with this Foldable Promotional Table

This foldable promotional table is definitely a big hit this summer season. If you are in the wine business, you might consider using this product in your summer promotional activity. Allow your customers to enjoy every sip of their favorite drinks with this portable wine table. Designed with innovative features, it would probably go well with your product.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table

Since summer is a perfect season to do outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, traveling, picnics, and getaways, this foldable table would surely serve its purpose.


What Makes Foldable Table Stand Out?

You might be thinking about what possible wine marketing ideas would make your brand stand out. If you are running out of ideas, this foldable table is worth giving a try. Listed below are the unique features of this table that make it stand out!

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


1. Portable

Sip, sip, hooray! This wine table promotes easy-drinking, anytime. Foldable, customers may carry it anytime and anywhere. If they are planning to travel, this table won’t take much space on their luggage or vehicle.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


Moreover, the table has a length of 40 0r 50 cm, thus making it easy to transfer or install right away, whenever your customers need it. Actual product size: Open: 20cm L x 20cm W x 40cm H, Collapsed: 20cm L x 20cm W x 50cm H


2. Functional and Stylish

The table has a unique design that sets it apart from the others. Handcrafted for perfect moments, this collapsible table is designed with slots that serve as wine bottle and glass holders. It also has a built-in bottle opener on its side.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table

When having a drink outside, there is always the danger of knocking over and breaking your glasses. But not with this table. The wine glass and bottle fit snuggly into the slots. The simple yet functional design ensures that your glass will not topple over.

Compared with other wine tables that have plain designs, this one is crafted to bring convenience to users and allows them to enjoy every sip of their drinks. The monopod also has slots for the handle so that carrying the table is so much easier and safer. Functional and stylish, it would be a good addition to your outdoor marketing ideas.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table

3. Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Home is where the wine is. Perfect for an indoor night out and parties, this foldable promotional table is ideal for indoor use. Customers may opt to enjoy their drinks within their homes, hence this table would make them enjoy drinking wine more. Furthermore, it is perfect to use for intimate celebrations with the family.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


Satisfy your taste for Adventure! If this table is good to use for indoor parties, it is definitely an excellent item to use during outdoor activities. This wine table can be used for picnics, camping, and on the beach. It is very easy to set up in grass, dirt, sand, or in any place, you want to. Likewise, to make the table stand, a little effort is needed to push the fiberglass rod onto the ground.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


4. Durable

Made from Baltic birch plywood, this promotional table is guaranteed to be durable. Baltic birch plywood is has a wide variety of applications and is in high demand because it is a strong and sturdy material.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


In addition, the fiberglass rod attached to the lower part of the table makes it firmly stand on the ground.


5. Customizable

Add your brand identity to this foldable table. The wood itself is a perfect canvas on which to print your brand name and logo. This way, you will be able to promote your business whilst allowing your customers to relax. Since people will use it for their outdoor activities, it would be a perfect strategy to promote your brand to many people.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


How can this Collapsible table Heat Up Your Summer Sales?

As this wine promotional product has a lot to offer to your customers, how can your brand benefit from it? Here are some hot tips that will guide you to make a sizzling brand promo this summer.


  • Foldable Wine Table as a GWP

Having this table as a gift with purchase promotion adds to the enjoyment of tasting your wine product. It absolutely leaves a lasting and positive impression on your brand, which in turn, encourages shoppers to avail themselves of your product. These potential customers could become your regular buyer in the near future. Moreover, this promotional table is a must-have for every wine lover out there.

foldable promotional table

Foldable Promotional Table


  • Collapsible Table as a Giveaway

How often do we receive a collapsible wine table as a promotional gift? It is very rare to get such a promo giveaway, right? So this only means offering this as a wine giveaway can potentially set you apart from competitors. The more unique the gift is, the stronger the impact you make on your customers.

Since people will expect to claim this as a free item, they are more likely to purchase the products being promoted, ultimately doubling your sales.

While you may offer this collapsible table any time, perhaps the best time to promote them is during summer and spring. People are more inclined to stay outdoors and bask in the sun while having a sip of their favorite wine.


  • Foldable Table as a Promotional Product

If you are in the wine business, you are probably offering items that complement your wine products. Thus, this foldable table could be a great choice. Offering this as one of your promotional items would definitely generate sales as well. As it becomes in demand during the summer season, you would never go wrong with this foldable table. The quality of the product would surely help your brand stand out as well.


  • Venue Promotions

Now that many bars and restaurants are slowly opening their doors to their customers (but with limited capacity), this foldable promotional table is such a brilliant idea to add to their venue marketing. Many establishments have started utilizing their outdoor spaces. So this table will surely find utility in the hands of bar and restaurant owners. Just stake the table onto the ground, add a foldable chair or a deck chair, and customers will now have a space to lounge and enjoy their drinks.


To Sum it Up

As the competition gets tougher by the day, you must think of a way to push your brand front and center, especially if you are marketing wine. If you want to break away from the usual business giveaway ideas, then this foldable promotional table might be what you need.

Aside from being a fantastic giveaway, it could also be used for outdoor marketing strategies for restaurants, bars, and cafes. With summer just around the corner, this makes for a fantastic addition to your venues so customers can also drink their favorite wine while taking in the relaxing beauty of the great outdoor.


How can ODM Help?

Did you find this product perfect for your summer promotional activity? Send us an email today and use the Product Code: ODM- 3671. 

Equipped with years of experience, we are proud to say that ODM Group is a pioneer in the manufacturing and sourcing industry. Since 2003, we have manufactured high-quality promotional products for our clients. Aside from that, we customized giveaways and produce branded packaging. We are consist of a team of designers that curate all the designs our clients need. Here are ODM, your happiness is our success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common materials used making foldable wine tables?

A foldable wine table can be made of plastic, metal or steel, and wood. For wooden tables, baltic birch plywood is the most commonly used material. Moreover, the usual wood material used in making wooden tables such as oak, cedar, and mahogany can be used for wine tables.

What is the size of a foldable wine table?

Wine tables come in different sizes. But this foldable wine table measures 20cm L x 20cm W x 40cm H when open, and 20cm L x 20cm W x 50cm H when the table is collapsed.

Can a wine table used for outdoor activities or gatherings?

Wine tables are ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. Because the item is foldable, you may easily pack it in your car when you are planning to go on a trip. Moreover, the fiberglass rod attached to the lower part of the item is designed to easily set up the table on the ground, on the beach, or anywhere you want to.

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