Wine & Dine Time Gets Better: Promotional Wine Products

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is well-loved by many people. It provides many awesome health benefits such as lowering bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of cancer, and even keeping people slim. In this blog, we would love to introduce some great promotional wine products that will be awesome for your next marketing campaign.

1. 2 Person Wine Tote/Picnic Bag

Did you know? Wine is the drink of romance. Drinking wine allows your brain to produce oxytocin, which is commonly known as the “love hormone”. This chemical compound is associated with loving emotions and reproduction. Couples love going for romantic picnic dates so this wine tote bag is extremely suitable for them.

promotional wine products

This 2 person wine bag is big enough to fit a bottle of wine for your picnic night out! Furthermore, the bag contains 2 cotton napkins, 2 wine glasses as well as a bottle opener. It makes the picnic experience for couples so much easier and enjoyable. Besides, it also comes with a strap so that you can easily bring this bag along anywhere.

promotional wine products
promotional wine products

What Makes this Ideal for Marketing?

Firstly, this bag allows for colour customisation. Companies could choose colours that suit their brand most. Thus, businesses will be able to cater to a larger group of people with varied colour preferences. Moreover, this could improve brand awareness of the company.

Secondly, this bag can be offered as limited-edition merchandise. Show off great sewing workmanship and quality by adding an embroidered logo or any additional feature on the bag. This would spur customers to purchase this product while stocks last. Moreover, high-quality sewing workmanship also makes the product look more premium! This is great in increasing your company’s brand value.

Thirdly, the wine bag is portable and easy to carry. As it is a sling bag, it allows your company to be marketed in the streets when your customers use this product. Hence, this increases your brand awareness and visibility.

If you are interested in this product, contact our staff with the product code ODM-3143.

2. 2 in 1 Vacuum Wine Stopper

A wine stopper is an essential wine accessory to close the leftover wine bottles before refrigerating them. This is important as it is often difficult to put the original cork back in the bottle. Bottles that are not properly closed may not only cause spillage, it also exposes the wine to air, which could also greatly affect its taste and aroma. Therefore, it is extremely important to store your wine bottles properly.

If you are looking for more ideas, do check out these 2-in-1 bottle stoppers. You can also find other vacuum products such as this USB vacuum cleaner and vacuum thermo from our online magazine.

promotional wine products

This wine stopper has some very interesting functions. Firstly, it has an efficient oxygen vacuum pumping which isolates wine from the surrounding air. So, it ensures that the wine is not compromised.

Additionally, it is designed with a time scale. The time scale reminds users to remind them when they have opened the wine. This date is extremely important in ensuring that wine does not lose its freshness after 30 days.

Speaking of household items with in-built timers, do check out these interesting promotional egg timers as well!

Lastly, with its small and compact size, it is light and handy, allowing for the product to be carried easily.

promotional wine products
promotional wine products

Is this a Great Promotional Product Idea?

First and foremost, this product is small yet extremely functional. This gives customers a reason to carry them around wherever they go. Due to its small size, it does not take up much space inside your bags. Furthermore, Wine O’clock begins anytime! Why should customers be afraid to waste a quality bottle of wine when there is such a product that keeps your wine fresh? Unique and useful, it creates finer brand remembrance.

Another reason to love this product is that it comes in a variety of colours! This appeals to a larger group of people who may be very picky about colours. Companies can make use of the colours that represent their company for instant brand recognition. Lastly, it is made from a combination of food-grade ABS and silicone. This is why this product is reusable and easy to clean. Thanks to its functional and beautiful design, it enhances brand remembrance too!

Do you like this product? Then, do not hesitate contact our staff with the product code ODM-3173.

promotional wine products

3. Wine Aerator

What is a wine aerator? Well, this device exposes wine to more air than it would otherwise be exposed to through the normal process of opening a bottle. Aerating wines allow for the process of softening tannins and rounding out texture. Besides, it refreshes wines and perks it up! Furthermore, it can help disperse some of the initial odour thereby enhancing the smell of wine. The best aerators open the wine’s bouquet by exposing it to oxygen and straining any sediment or pieces of cork.

promotional wine products

What makes this aerator so awesome? Well, it has an automated function where there is a switch to control aeration. It also fits most wine bottles. Moreover, it is made from food-grade material, so it is safe to use. With this aerator, wine is instantly aerated when pouring and makes wine pouring so much more relaxing.

promotional wine products
promotional wine products

So why is this a great promotional product?

Firstly, it is an extremely chic and slick product. High-end and classy-looking, it ups the aesthetics of one’s home or kitchen. This encourages customers to put it out on their table or mini bar to impress guests. It can improve brand remembrance as this would be a product that is commonly seen around the house. Whether it is a dinner celebration or just a wine tasting session, this product can definitely be used to enhance wine-drinking experience. Imagine how much visibility you can get from this product?

If you are keen to customize this wine promotional product, feel free to contact our staff with the product code ODM-3177.


To conclude, we believe that promotional wine products such as custom wine aerators, bottle stoppers, and bags are excellent to give your wine marketing the boost it needs. Innovative products like these are extremely useful and would definitely be hot out on the market. Wine is a well sought after beverage and these products would definitely elevate your customer’s experience! These can be used as corporate gifts, employee appreciation gifts, and even gift with purchase! Moreover, with Christmas coming, these could be great as Christmas promotional gifts as well!

Would you consider these brilliant promotional wine products? Share your thoughts with us.

How can ODM Group help?

Here at ODM Group, we have many years of experience as a promotional marketing agency. If you are looking for awesome promotional products for the wine and alcoholic drinks industry, be sure to contact our staff with the product codes mentioned above. After more promotional product ideas and inspiration? You may find more ideas on our blog!

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Promotional products are custom items that companies use to advertise. These items are usually printed with some identifying marks like a name, slogan or logo.

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