5 Clever Ways to Promote Your Company with a Branded Wine Stopper

Knock out your competitors with this branded wine stopper. This promotional wine accessory is indeed beneficial for both customers and every wine business! See how this small yet eye-catching customized wine stopper can create a great impact on your brand. 


branded wine stopper

Branded Wine Stopper

Why Sports – Themed Wine Stopper?

We’ve been featuring different promotional drink products in the past, and we can say that this one is one of the best wine marketing products that every wine business would consider. Let us see what this sports-themed wine stopper can do to leverage your marketing.

Maintains wine quality.

When popped up a bottle, it doesn’t mean that customers have to finish it off in one sitting. A bottle of good wine is meant to be savored. Thus, if they bought a bottle of their favorite vino, they’ll probably want to enjoy it for few days at least.

In order to preserve wine, a wine stopper is needed. Inserting the cork back to the bottle won’t help. Hence, it is very ideal to make a bottle stopper within reach.

branded wine stopper

Branded Wine Stopper


The branded wine stopper helps not just to seal the open bottled wine but also preserves the authentic taste and flavor of the wine. With its air-tight seal, wine becomes more refreshing to consume for days. On top of that, branded wine stopper is designed to minimize the amount of oxygen entering the bottle after the wine bottle right after it is opened. 

As a brand, we are certain that you want your valued customers to enjoy every drop of your wine product. Thus, offering them such a wine accessory would help.

Guaranteed Durable.

In terms of quality, the branded wine stopper has it all to serve its purpose in the long run of time. This promotional wine stopper is made from iron and stainless steel. The materials used are rustproof and guaranteed durable. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about replacing the stopper after several uses.

Using this branded wine stopper in your marketing can ensure brand retention among customers. With its sturdy feature, your brand presence will be felt by the users for a long time.


Available in Different Sporty Designs.

The irresistible design of the sports-themed wine stopper is certainly effective to catch the attention of not just the wine lovers out there, but also your sports fanatic customers. 


branded wine stopper

Branded Wine Stopper


This branded wine stopper is available in football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and baseball designs. Thus, customers do not want to miss out on the chance to collect these custom sports product ideas.

Different sporting events held every year prove people’s fondness for sports. Thus, you willl never go wrong choosing this promotional bottle stopper as your brand marketing tool.


Gives More Value for Money.

Customers would not regret availing themselves of this creative wine merchandise. Inexpensive yet durable, it can be used for a long period of time. Thus, this branded wine stopper is worthy of every customer’s money.

As this wine merchandise gives value to your customers’ money, your business is also getting the most out of this item. The bottle stopper is very cost-effective, thus it can be cheaply produced and can be used for a very long time.


The Item is Highly Customizable.

Your brand would surely benefit from this wine stopper. You can actually select the design that would best suit your marketing campaign. Moreover, companies and private labels can be applied to the balls. It can be done through printing or by using a water removable sticker.


branded wine stopper

Branded Wine Stopper


How to Make the Best out of this Wine Marketing Idea?

We can’t deny the fact that this branded wine stopper is very multi-functional. It is originally made for wine bottles, yet it is also great for different types of drinks such as beer. Consequently, this particular item can be an ideal home decoration after the content have been consumed.


branded wine stopper

Branded Wine Stopper


Having said all this, how can you utilize this wine bottle to promote your product and brand? Here are the best options you might consider.


1. Using Wine Stopper as On-Pack Promotion.

In the realm of gifts-with-purchase and promotional merchandise, on-pack promotions have been the top choice of every company in the retail market. It is indeed a very popular marketing tactic used by different industries including wine.

Using this wine stopper as your branded on-pack promotion would help to boost your brand identity. Thus, if the promo is incorporated into your product packaging, customers can easily recognize your brand. Furthermore, it is also a brilliant move when you want your brand to stand out in the retail market competition.


2. Sports-Themed Stopper as Promotional Branded Gift

Lure your sports fanatic customers using this sports-themed merchandise. The item can serve as a promotional branded gift together with other sports-related items.

Offering this wine stopper for every customer’s purchase can help drive more foot traffic to your retail store. Likewise, giving away free items can help increase brand awareness and visibility.


3. Branded Wine Stopper as Sporting Event Giveaways

Handing out branded giveaways is one of the marketing strategies used by businesses during events. Such gimmick helps them to promote their brand and encourage audience engagement. Hence, utilizing this wine stopper as event giveaways would help to locate your prospective customers.


branded wine stopper

Branded Wine Stopper


FIFA, EUFA, and Superbowl are some of the sporting events held every year. Participating in such big and prestigious events would give your business great brand exposure. Nonetheless, local sports happenings are also ideal places to promote your brand in the local market.


4. Bottle Stopper as Branded Promotional Product

Aside from your usual wine product, offering unique promotional items would help to make customers crave your brand more. Making this branded bottle stopper your promotional product would definitely excite your customers. Available in low price and wide range of cool designs, they would be eager to get this item from your shop.


5. Promotional Wine Stopper as Contest Rewards

Have you ever wonder how many promotional contests you’ve seen in the market? There is absolutely plenty of them. So why not consider such promotional activity?

The promotional contest is no longer new in the marketing industry. In fact, it was used by businesses a long time ago and up until this generation, this marketing style is still on the run.

If you see yourself running a promotional contest in the future, including this wine stopper in your contest rewards is indeed a smart idea. The functionality and the aesthetic appeal of this item are a great help to invite customers to join your promotional gimmick.


Our Key Takeaways

Seeking a convenient promotional tool that would benefit both wine business owners and customers? This sports branded wine stopper would surely useful on both ends. 

For business owners, this item can help increase brand awareness and drive more sales. Likewise, customers can enjoy their drinks in the long run with the use of this cool bottle stopper. Therefore, it is a win-win for both parties. 


How ODM can help?

If you believe that this branded wine stopper is the ideal marketing merchandise for your brand, do not hesitate to send us an email and quote the product code: ODM- 3808.

Here at ODM, we are committed to helping clients to come up with the best personalized promotional products that suit the brand goals. We have creative product designers and skilled merchandiser that can provide the quality promotional products you’re looking for. Whether products for giveaways, gift with purchase, on-pack promotions, and even POS displays, we got you covered!


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Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can I use this wine stopper?

Aside from using this branded wine stopper in maintaining the wine quality, it can also be used as home decoration, a football, or sporting events souvenir. Moreover, it can be used as promotional items or marketing gifts.

Can I apply my business name or logo in the item?

Definitely, yes! Logo can be printed on the product or a “water removable sticker” will be used to apply your logo on the surface of the wine stopper.

What is your estimate time to produce the unit?

The item will be delivered about 60-75 days after receive your deposit. Repeat order will be faster.

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