Branded Wine Box- A Winederful Packaging Idea to Impress Customers

The wine business is definitely a jam-packed retail space. Every retail store has filled its shelves with various drinks brands, making people wonder which one to pick. As wine brands started to flood the market, how will you stand out from the rest? So, here where branded wine box comes in.


branded wine box

Branded Wine Box


If you think that this is just a simple box, then you are definitely wrong. See how this high-end wine bottle caddy can change the way people see your brand!


What Makes This Branded Wine Box Trendy?

As you can see, this customized wine case is different from the usual wine boxes we see in the market. Here are the features that make this wine bottle caddy trendy and at the same time effective in marketing wine:


1. The caddy has a dual-door style.

Double-door bottle boxes are already available in the market. But as you can notice, the doors of these boxes are beside each other. Unlike other wine caddies, this featured branded wine box has doors on either side of the box (front and back).

branded wine box

Branded Wine Box


2. Superb Design and Quality

The safety of the wine bottle would be ensured when packed within a wine caddy. Made from durable MDF board with PU leather wrapping, the quality of the item is guaranteed. Moreover, the handle of this box is also made from PU leather. It is made with convenience, safety, and style in mind and it can carry a substantial amount of weight.

Aside from PU leather, paper and fabric materials can be used in making such branded wine caddy.


3. The box can be nicely branded.

Customized this wine promotional product with your brand logo. The outer cover of the wine box would be a perfect canvas to print your brand logo. It is definitely an effortless better way to promote your brand in public.


branded wine box

Branded Wine Box


In addition, it measures 290*280*330mm, perfect to load 2 bottles of wine and surely enough to customized the box with your preferred design.


4. Ensures wine quality.

Compared with other wine caddies, this one can ensure the quality of a wine. It can maintain the optimal temperature that the wine needs. Consequently, it can prevent the wine bottle from breaking or damage.

branded wine box

Branded Wine Box

The PU leather belts tightly fasten the wine bottle, keeping it securely in place. Hence, customers do not have to worry about breaking or spilling the wine inside. Portable, this wine box can maintain the quality of wine even when traveling.


How to Promote with Branded Wine Box Caddy

As the competition in the wine industry continues to grow, many vineyards and retailers diversify their way of promotion in order to add value and distinction to their brand. So here are some marketing tactics to adapt in your next wine promotion:


1.Promote your wine with an exclusive giveaway.

With a lot of wine and drink events all throughout the year, you have a lot of opportunities to showcase your wine products. Let the world taste your one-of-a-kind vino, by participating in different drink events, and start to pack this branded wine box as your promotional giveaway.

Moreover, participating in events can help you create a personal interaction with your prospective clients, thus helping you in plotting other marketing strategies. Building a custom registration form to gather information would be helpful as well.


2. Send gifts to your clients

Who doesn’t want to receive a gift? Probably, everyone appreciates gifts. The same thing goes in the business. Clients feel special whenever they received items or tokens from their business partners. And as part of the company corporate gifting, sending a bottle of wine presented in this wine caddy to your clients would mean so much to them. Moreover, adding a personal touch to your gift would make them recognize you even more.


3. Look for the best promotional items.

Probably, you have tried a lot of promotional products to match your wine products. Maybe, some became a hit, while others became a waste of resources. And if you are in search of the next item to use in your future marketing, this branded wine box would be your best option.

Durable, portable, customizable, and uniquely designed, this wine accessory would be a surefire in the market. Make your brand the talk of the town with this innovative and stylish wine box.


Final Thoughts

With so many popular and high-end wine products out there, it can be a bit daunting to promote your brand. So, what can you do to keep up with the fast changing trend? Make sure to have a striking product packaging!

A wine box or wine caddy is a great way to deviate from the usual cardboard box packaging we see on retail shelves. As packaging serves as the first point of contact with your customers, it is only crucial to plan it really well. The first few seconds that shoppers spend browsing rows upom rows of shelves is spent looking for products that catch their attention right away. So, take advantage of this fact and make them thirsty for wine with this excellent branded wine box!


How can ODM Help?

We have created a lot of personalized promotional products for wine businesses in the past, and up until now, we continue to produce high-quality products for them. We are still one of the best manufacturers of custom promotional giveaways and producers of branded packaging in Asia.

So, if you think that your business needs this branded wine box, send us an email today and quote the product code: ODM- 3688. We want to make your partnership with us a remarkable one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wine box?

A wine box or wine caddy is a rectangular case used to hold a wine bottle. It helps maintain the quality of the wine and protects the bottle from damage.

What are the materials used in making wine boxes?

Wine boxes can be made from paper and fabric. Some are also made of MDF cardboard and PU leather.

Does wine box customizable?

A wine box is more appealing when customized, however, you have to ask the manufacturers first if they have customization services. With this specific kind of wine box, the manufacturer offers personalized designs.


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