A bottle necker is a simple yet effective way to make your product stand out on a busy shelf. Using this great example from Les Dauphins, we show you why a bottle necker is the way to go to promote your awards on-pack!

bottle necker

bottle necker

Les Dauphins is an award winning winery, something they would surely want to promote. They have achieved this elegantly and simply with this custom bottle necker.

bottle necker

bottle necker

Why a Bottle Necker Was the Right Choice

Boost Sales 

On pack bottle neckers are a great way to advertise your product at the point of purchase. By making your product stand out from competitors you are more likely to draw customers towards your product. This is especially relevant if you have an award attached to your product, you want customers to know this!

They Are Cost Effective

Bottle neck marketing is the most cost effective way to advertise your product at the point of purchase. On-shelf competition is now more intense than ever. By adding a bottle necker to your product, you can maximise your on-shelf marketing without removing product space.


Les Dauphins’s bottle necker cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point with a simple message; Award Winning Wine! In a cluttered shelf, you want to simply and quickly convey to customers why your product is superior to your competitors. Bottle collar promotions achieve this brilliantly.

Helps to Create a Brand Image 

Now more than ever, a brand image is perhaps one of the most important factors that can influence the customers decision over which product to chose. By making it clear to customers that your product is superior, because it has won awards, you can increase your customer loyalty.

Are you interested in creating a bottle necker for your beverage?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are bottle neckers made from?

Bottle neckers are manufactured using high-quality material like cardboard, paperboard or kraft depends on which will better suits the bottle.

What other products can bottle neckers be used on?

Bottle neckers can be used on any type of bottled products, ranging from your traditional bottled beverages to even household cleaning products.

What are some different types of bottle neckers?

Die-cut bottle neckers. They are 2D, and are the most common type of bottle necker. Collar and cone bottle neckers. They are 3D conically shaped bottle neckers, similar to those shown in the article. String-tied bottle neckers. They are perfect for bottles of different shapes and sizes.