ODM found some very interesting hot sauces on our recent trip to Boulder CO.  Shelves of a local store were lined with a dazzling display of Hot Sauces, 5 of which really caught our attention.

These came with specific bottle neckers based on the message provided on the Hot Sauce logo & Brand Identity.    Bottles are defying potential customers – implying that their sauce is too hot too handle. Which is your favourite from these campaigns ?

  • Poker chip as a necker with the motto “all in no limit Hot sauce”
  • Mini Bible shaped necker with “salvation hot sauce” is so hot you need to pray
  • Spider On-Pack equates sauce as being spicy/dangerous like Venum.

Emphasizing the hot content of the product companies understand how to create a buzz using simple and inexpensive Promotional Neckers. Put it simply, by buying their product, you endanger your health.  More promos like Voodoo Doll & Figurines below….

If you want to create a buzz and are looking for the perfect promotional item to inject life into your sales ODM can help you to develop some unique promos..

This is yet another example of the Clustering of Promotional Products in certain areas and around specific product categories.   If one company offers good custom promos other brands must keep up or loose market share.