BearHug is promoting their Vodka infusion at JFK Airport in New York.  They offer clients a choice of either Gift with purchase package or a price reduction if you buy two BearHug bottles.  As a consumer which would you choose ?

  • Free, branded cocktail shaker as gift with purchase.  This comes in a box set and allows you to mix cocktails.  The gift box increases perceived value and makes it easier to gift this to people you are visiting after your flight.
  • Go for 2 bottles at special deal of $40USD promotional offering.  2 bottles mean you can try different infusion flavours.  This might not work for all travellers since 2 litres of spirits might be above your Duty Free allowance if travelling alone.

Cocktail shakers have a high perceived value in the eyes of consumers as they can be reused on many occasions.  The shaker provides Bear Hug a great opportunity to showcase their brand every time cocktails are being prepared.

Another strength of this point of Sale is the choice provided to customers. Being able to pick between different options increases the chance of closing the deal. The two promotional offers will undeniably capture a wider audience. Great way to implement different promotional tactics and witness firsthand which one is the most effective.

Layering promotions like this, using Bottle Neckers & Boxed sets is smart marketing.