Absolute Vodka are well known throughout the world for their up market fashionable vodka and differentiate themselves from the rest of the market by aiming at specific niche groups via their different blends of exquisite vodka. This new ‘Rock Edition’ is clearly aiming at a certain social group and offers a unique rugged bottle that gives the product a higher perceived value and more brand awareness. Due to the nature and design of this bottle Absolute have effectively created a collectable item that will be used as an ornament that will provide ongoing advertisement for Absolute long after the initial product has been consumed.


Absolute Vodka hold a strong position in the premium vodka market due to effective marketing and modern branding that appeals to a large audience. Bottle packaging is a great way to introduce a new product to market because it’s a cost effective promotional item that is simple to design / product and gives great end game results that include broadening the targeted market and boosting overall value / brand awareness.

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