Nothing oozes luxurious like gold. “A Taste Of Luxury”, Royal Dragon Vodka‘s slogan is clearly evident when you look at the masses of gold sheets floating around their premium drink below. This high-end promotion is sure to turn heads at any event or party. Continue reading to find out more about amazing bottles and packaging in the drinks industry.

Royal Dragon Vodka – Dragon Inside

This Russian Vodka is uniquely presented in a bottle with a hand-crafted Dragon inside to enhance its luxury aspect.  Even without the 5 times distilled quality, all these elements have definitely transformed a simple bottle of vodka into a fantastic piece of artwork.

Royal Dragon Vodka – Bottle Collection

Taking a look at the packaging of the Royal Dragon as well. You will probably notice that the packaging is quite impressive! The bottle fits perfectly into the box which is lines with a rich felt with both up lighting and down lighting. To add to the luxurious factor of the entire product, the Dragon and company description are printed in gold that stands out from the pitch black exterior.

Royal Dragon Vodka – Amazing Packaging

Why we love this High-End Packaging

Visual Appeal

We’ve all heard and are familiar with the phrase don’t judge a book by it’s cover. However this doesn’t apply when influencing a customer into making a purchase decision. While what is on the inside that matters, what is on the outside is your potential customer’s first impression of your product and brand. Packaging, labels, design and materials all play a part in appealing to consumers. This intricately designed with exquisite gold detail will definitely draw customers in.


Royal Dragon Vodka really let the design and exterior of the product speak for itself. The detail in the design of the dragon and the engravement of the dragon the bottle speaks for the quality of the product itself. The gold lettering and design against the black packaging makes it stand out more than it already it. The packaging itself is enough to draw customers to their product and get them curious about the brand. It is safe to say that Royal Dragon Vodka seems like a king with their packaging!

Brand Awareness

Some brands are easy to miss while shopping without the thought of buying something in mind. With packaging like Royal Dragon Vodka it is not something to be something customers will miss. In addition, high-end packaging is something customers will keep long after the product is gone, just because it is beautiful. Something beautiful like this will not be kept in a cardboard but rather displayed for people to see. This means that your customers will have a reminder of your brand displayed in their home. Increasing brand awareness and promoting brand loyalty.

Great Gifts

In China wine is a common gift. Given the quality and clean taste of this Vodka, not to mention Chinese Zodiac connotations, ODM predict that these bottles will really make a hit in the high end gift giving business. Not just in China, all over the world, drinks are associated with happy occasions and make great gifts. What sets a drink gift apart is it’s presentation. Customers looking for gifts will immediately be drawn to one that will be perceived of high-quality in it’s presentation.

Contact ODM

Intrigued by high-end packaging by Royal Dragon Vodka? It is definitely an investment in a business but we believe one worth taking when done right! If you have any enquires feel free to contact our team at ODM. Our experienced team of designers who has had experience in drinks packaging for drinks globally. We’d love to hear from you!

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While we’re all familiar with the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. This idea disappears when it comes to a customer’s making purchasing decisions.