Here we have one of the more luxurious promotional gifts that the team have come across. This drinks on-pack gift set from Beluga is a stunning example of a gift with purchase done right. There are two different options here: the Beluga Noble Russian Vodka and the Beluga Gold Line. The Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is the cheaper option of the two and comes with a glass caviar server. The Gold Line comes with a ‘hammer brush’, a unique drinks promotional product that is only sold with this vodka in particular.

Drinks On-Pack

Drinks On-Pack Gift

Caviar server

Drinks On-Pack 3

Drinks On-Pack Gift

Beluga have created 2 exceptional drink gift packages here. The caviar server is made of glass and metal, and is clearly high quality. This is important as it means people won’t feel they are just getting a ‘freebie’ with their drink. They will, in fact, feel they are purchasing a quality product that they will actually use. Therefore, you can increase the sale price further than if you simply attached a cheap gimmicky product. This drinks on-pack gift is packaged in a cardboard box that is printed to a very high standard. The silver colours tie in with Beluga’s classic branding, and the custom gold printing creates a real sense of quality.


Drinks On-Pack

Drinks On-Pack Gift

But it is the second drinks on-pack gift, the hammer-brush, that is the most intriguing. It is completely unique to this vodka brand. The hammer is used to break the sealing wax, then the brush is used to clean the bottle. The hammer-brush is made from leather and metal and is described by Beluga as “emphasising 100% authenticity and individuality of this limited series vodka with an imposing attitude”. The packaging for this product is extremely high-end. Coming in a leather basket, it’s the sort of packaging that is so good customers will chose to keep it.

Reasons to have a unique promotional product

  • They will create a buzz: If your product is something that people haven’t seen before they are likely to share it with their friends. This will increase your brand exposure
  • They will give people something to associate with your brand: People now know beluga vodka as the vodka that you open with a hammer.
  • It creates a sense of exclusivity: If the product is only available with your brand then people will feel it is exclusive, and this is one of the main buying incentives for consumers.
  • People love to try new things: Trying new things is exciting and if you can offer this to your customer, they are much more likely to purchase.

If you can think of an on pack gift with purchase that is completely unique, then perfect! But don’t worry if not, choosing a product that is niche and only used by a few other companies will also have a similar impact.


Let’s create something amazing together…

Here at ODM we can design and source the manufacturing for any product you desire. Moreover we have a team of highly creative individuals that will to come up with a product for you that is totally unique.


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