Schools these days are giving away more promotional products to attract students. They are usually given away during open houses, talks and parents meeting. These promotional products are in a giveaway goodie bag and contain many items.

People are getting more environmentally friendly these days and the giveaway bags are usually recycled bags. Alternatively, you can consider giveaway bags like a shoe bag. The product can double up as a shoe bag as university students are getting more athletic and a shoe bag can be a useful product for them. Read on more to find out what products can be placed in the giveaway bag.

10 Promotional Products

  • Desktop clip for drinks
Customer Gift For Work: Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Customer Gift For Work: Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Laptops are the best friends of university students. University students are very much attached to their laptops; they use it in during schools and hostels. As the laptop would be placed on the desk, this sometimes leaves the desk with no space. Thus, this desktop clips are a perfect gift as it allows the students to put their drinks on the clip. After a long day of study, a nice cup of hot chocolate would be great.

Dress up your laptop - Funky Sleeve Giveaways

Dress up your laptop – Funky Sleeve Giveaways

As said before, laptops are something students these days cannot live without. To ensure that your promotional products would be used, they have to compliment the products used by your target audience, students, in their daily lives. What’s better than providing laptop sleeves to the students. Not only do they feel that the school or organization is really catering to their needs, the students would use the laptop sleeves and carry their laptops in their hands. This becomes an affordable marketing method, as the students are now your walking advertisement!

Paul Frank GWP - Pencil Case

Paul Frank GWP – Pencil Case

Although university students generally do not use stationeries, they still have a growing interest in pencil cases. Not only so, they would definitely need one during the examinations. What you can consider is to collaborate with a popular brand used by the university students. This helps to increase the value of the goods to the students.

  • Induction speaker
Induction Speaker

Induction Speaker


People these days are into new technology and one of the new products is the induction speaker. The induction speaker is a wireless box that plays music when a phone is put on it. It makes a perfect gift as this speaker can be used during student gatherings or parties. If fun is being associated with your promotional products, it leaves a good memory of your brand in the students.

  • Paper speaker
Promo Gift - Foldable Paper Speaker

Promo Gift – Foldable Paper Speaker


Alternatively, you can consider paper speakers. Paper speakers are portable and handy, making it easy to bring around. Not only so, you can boost your environmental efforts by using recycled papers for these speakers. This will help to enhance your brand image as an organization that cares for the environment. This helps to put your organization in a good light.

  • Book stoppers
Bus Advertising - Bookends Custom Promos

Bus Advertising – Bookends Custom Promos


University students have tons of books, depending on their faculty. Thus, book stoppers are important and practical for university students. They are also a good platform to promote your company or university by engraving the name on it. As book stoppers are placed on shelves where people can easily see them, it is a great channel for marketing purposes.

  • Lanyard
Huge difference in terms of colours and design...

Huge difference in terms of colours and design…

Lanyards are extremely useful for the first week of school, where everyone is busy breaking the ice and introducing themselves. Thus, handing them a lanyard would be useful and practical. Also, because it is hung around the neck, it creates a great platform to market your brand name.

  • Thumb drive
Promotional Thumbdrives

Promotional Thumbdrives


Thumb drives are something that everyone has. One in the car, one in the pencil box, one in the bag, one in the wallet; everyone has a thumb drive everywhere. This is because it is extremely user-friendly ad convenient. Thus, you can consider giving thumb drives to the students, as they will definitely use them.

  • Bookmarks
Silver cross with coloured stone bookmark

Silver cross with coloured stone bookmark

Bookmarks are useful products for giveaways. Now, there are electronic dictionary bookmarks in the market. This can be a great help especially to foreign students that needs help in translation. With many book to read in the university, a bookmark sure comes in handy for the students.

  • Silicon wrist bands
Promo Gift Idea - Colorful Silicone Bracelet

Promo Gift Idea – Colorful Silicone Bracelet


Silicon wristbands are fashionable and cost efficient. The best part is that they are highly customizable and you can customize the wristbands to the specific events like homecoming or annual carnival of the school. It is a common product for most youths and why not give them away as accessories that they will wear everyday? This can help to strengthen the brand recollection and increase awareness of your brand!


How does ODM come in?

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Can I combine one or more of these promotional products?

Gift sets are usually very common amongst students so a killer combo of two or more related items from the list would be a good way to go. it might also stand out more as opposed to one, lone individual gift.

How does using a promotional product benefit me?

Promotional products asides from marketing your brand, also go a long way in making the students, lecturers and even parents feel included and seen. It is a way of giving value while advertising your brand (school) at the same time. It is definitely a win-win situation.