“Winter is coming.” like how the House Stark (yes, we got you a Game Of Thrones reference here) strives to prepare for the approaching famine in their lands, you should be too. Let us relate this to your brand and retail marketing strategy. It would be best if you did not let a season affect your business. Customers will love to offer loyalty to the brand that can serve them throughout any season. Looking for winter promotions that will make your brand’s next marketing strategy steaming? It is never too early to plan your next campaign ahead so, check out these winter promotional items that will warm up your brand next winter season!


Winter Promotional Items, What Are They?

These winter promotional items generally focus on products that we can wear around our heads. Consequently, these items will reduce the amount of body heat that can leave your body. They are really effective in keeping you warm and relaxed. Come and let’s prepare for the winter!

Eye masks are totally a game-changer. This item can help you out when you’re having trouble sleeping. It blocks the artificial light that can bother you, especially during travels.

Winter Promotional Items

Winter Promotional Items

On the other hand, Ear Muffs are personal protective equipment that protects our ears against high noise exposures. You can also use this if you need to focus on your task and you’re out in a public place.

Winter Promotional Items

Winter Promotional Items

Timely and beneficial, we already know how essential these face masks are. It is just one of the PPE that we must have in this fight against the novel coronavirus.

Winter Promotional Items

Winter Promotional Items

What’s Hot With These Promotional Items?

Wondering what’s up with these winter promotional items? Uh-oh, they are not just what they seem to be. In fact, these items are totally innovative. Yes, there is a secret within these products that will totally allure your customers!

These products have an integrated Graphene heating technology. They are great options for innovative merchandise that can be a good conductor of heat during this cold season. Graphene is a strong, thin, and flexible material. It can also provide pure far-infrared radiation, which can treat pain and inflammation in various parts of the body. Moreover, this material is the most environmentally friendly among all the alternatives.


How Can You Benefit From This Campaign?

  1. Boost Brand Awareness – You can customize the colors of these items and put your own logo. As people start to see your brand, it will gain acknowledgment and attention in your market. These promotional items are not just perfect for winter; they are totally versatile in nature. Your customers can certainly find other superficial ways to enjoy them. As a result, it will boost your brand awareness and creates a firm stand from your competitors.
  2. Builds Your Brand – This marketing campaign can serve as a give back to the community. Serving your target audiences items that they can definitely benefit from will make them patronize your brand. It will introduce your brand’s focus and personality to the market effectively. Furthermore, you can have more observations and gather information on building your branding even more.
  3. Creates Good Relationship with Customers – Relating your own experiences with your customers is a good strategy. Knowing their struggles and offering them products that will help them overcome them will create a good relationship. Your relationship with them matters as they are the ones who will be the key to your success. Just like what these products offer, you should make sure that your brand will give them warmth in general.
  4. Strengthens Brand Loyalty – Customers would love custom promotional items that give them warmth for cold days and remind them to take good care of themselves. It will certainly give them an impression that they can trust your business among your competitors. Consequently, it will bring you brand loyalty as customers find your marketing materials “caring” and useful.


Our Takeaways

These innovative and creative promotional merchandise can certainly help your customers plan their next winter season essentials. As they come in handy and useful, they can really create a distinction for your brand from your competition. It is also an incredible move to incorporate graphene heating technology into these items.

Now ready to get your own Winter Promotional Items just like these heated ear muffs, eye masks, and face masks for the next winter season? Prepare like the House Stark and fiercely outshine your competitors! Contact the ODM group today and quote product codes ODM-2262, ODM-2263, and ODM-2264

ODM Group has been in the promotional products industry for many years and has worked with different global brands in their promotional product needs. ODM also offers customization options to increase your brand value and visibility. We would love to hear from you!


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