Here is a fun promotional Idea, using a whoopee cushion to promote your brand and company. This is a very unique product that can work with a range of companies as a gift with purchase. Some more suitable companies maybe those associated with a comical market like the theatre or those that target a younger customer base.

With the whoopee cushion being released in the 1920’s it has had a long standing history of 90 years. This means it has a very nostalgic appeal to the older generation as well as young children as it has been about for a very long time.

Fun Promotional Idea: Whoopee Cushion

Fun Promotional Idea: Whoopee Cushion

How this Fun Promotional Idea Can Suit Your Company:

World famous – There isn’t anyone who doesn’t recognise a whoopee cushion, whether they’re 8 or 68 the history of the whoopee cushion and it’s infamous sound makes it instantly recognisable. In addition it will therefore lead to your brand being easily recognised by many who love the historical prank.

Size / Design – With the product just being made of rubber it has great flexibility in its design and size. Be it big or small, square or circular the product can vary in any way to suit your demand.

Branding – This fun promotional idea is designed usually to be very bare. This creates opportunities for companies to easily put a logo almost anywhere on the product, offering a g massive freedom in making this product suit their promotion and make it their own.


ODM think this is a very fun promotional idea that would have been perfect for April fools day around the office. So if your thinking of planning ahead for the next April 1st then get in touch with our sales team and designers today for a range of marketing Ideas to suit you.

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