Lay’s potato chips are easily recognised and savoured everywhere. However, there are many brands in this sector of the food industry and with big brands competing for the same consumers. As such, brands have to constantly hold marketing promotions to fight for a larger market share. In efforts to do so, Lay’s has held a marketing promo in the form of a branded displays. Here are the 3 things we have learnt from Lay’s branded displays.

branded displays

branded displays

Found in Ho Chi Minh District 1, Lay’s holds their branded displays to give away free small Lay’s packets. Customers can interact with Lay’s employees and can also enter the booth to take pictures with the free Lay’s packets.

Location of Branded Displays

Lay’s branded displays are located on Saigon’s Walking Street. The walking street is an iconic location to tourist and as such boasts a high amount of pedestrian traffic. This allows the brand to maximise the number of interactions it has with customers, and build on customer relations.

The walking street’s large space also allows for brands to hold events at said place. Attractive events draw in large turnouts to the location which would further push for brand interactions and exposure. With social media dominating the internet, innovative ideas and promotions could possibly ride the event’s hype and start trending on the internet. Further pushing brand exposure.

For example, while Lay’s promotional branded displays campaign is ongoing, the walking street hosted the first ever Summer Water Beat 2019 event. This event had a massive turnout, and the walking street was packed with people. As such human traffic significantly increased and more people interacted with the branded displays. Due to the physical exertion needed for water activities held, more people will also flock to the booth for free food, thus increasing booth interaction.

As such when planning to open a booth, location is especially important as the amount of human traffic interacting with your booth is highly dependant on your booth’s location. Depending on location, brands can also create brand packaging designs custom to location.

branded displays

branded displays

Branded Displays’ Colour and Customisation

The exteriors of buildings around the walking street are usually in muted colours. As Lay’s branded displays are in yellow, it’s striking colour alongside the neon lights helps it stand out from a generally dull background. As such, the booth is able to gain attraction both in the day and at night.

Branded displays are highly customisable! There are no limits as to how you should design and build your branded displays. The theme of the booth can also be absolutely random, and it will still attract audiences. You will also be able to customise the colours, size, and structure. Thus you can better showcase your brand to potential customers and passers-by. The use of video marketing can also help attract and retain attention from passers-by potentially becoming the talk of the town. With the rise of social media, creative and interactive booth designs might also start trending, further boosting brand exposure.

branded displays

branded displays


The value a booth with branded displays provides over a POS Display Unit or most free-standing display units is the personalised interaction brands can provide to customers, potential customer, and passers-by. These can include warm greetings and smiles, instead of words on a poster and 2D pictures. Branded displays help you create opportunities for your employees to directly, physically, interact with your customer base. For this promo, Lay’s had employees stand on the walkway, holding baskets of Lay’s packets, greeting and giving out Lay’s packets to passers-by. While giving out the Lay’s packets, employees also encourage customers to take pictures with the Lay’s packets in their custom photo booth as part of their marketing promo. As Lay’s gives out the Lay’s packets first, customers would also be more willing to participate in the photo taking as it feels like more like a fair trade, Lay’s for a photo.


Branded displays provide major value in terms of building customer relationships and brand exposure. However, brands should be careful as to how they promote the booth and only present innovative and attention-grabbing designs, as it will be an expensive mistake if the booth promotion fails.


How Can ODM Help?

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