Organizing any sports event is both really fun and challenging. From preparation to execution, it’ll stretch your creativity to come up with the best results. But whatever sports event you are in right now, you surely need sports promotional merchandise to hype the event. No need to search or browse online because this LED armband – which can be customized with your logo, is the coolest sporting event giveaway this year!

sporting event giveaways

sporting event giveaways

Although gatherings are still prohibited in many parts of the world due to the coronavirus scare, we can still look forward to the time we can all attend public events. In addition, some places have already started easing restrictions on their health protocols. As such, this means the demand for such promotional item will also increase in no time.


Benefits of Giveaways to Sports Event

Are giveaways really important to sports events or, are they just an unnecessary cost? Here are the reasons why promotional giveaways are still an excellent strategy for a successful sporting event.

Sporting Event Giveaways

Sporting Event Giveaways

  1. Sporting event giveaways are your remembrance to your participants.

    Every event becomes more memorable when it ends with a giveaway or souvenir. Let your participants bring home some memorabilia from your sports event. Doing so allows you to create a long-lasting connection even after the event is over.

  2. It can help you promote your event.

    Sporting event giveaways can help you advertise the event by informing potential attendees what they can get after. For your event, knowing that it will be a LED armband, who could not say yes? They can be offered before the event to create hype, during the event to engage attendees, and after the event to show your appreciation.

  3. Sports promotional giveaways can boost your branding.

    Do you want to leave cool and high-end branding to your customers? Give them thought-out and high-value sporting event giveaways! Branding isn’t just about the logo, it’s about keeping the quality experiences to your beloved customers. Moreover, the LED lighted custom armband allows you to stand out even in the dark. This is ideal for bikers, motorists, and pedestrians.

  4. Increase your social media engagements with these sporting event giveaways.

    Create a social media challenge and hashtags that will boost your branding’s social media engagements. You may ask participants to wear the giveaway and put a hashtag on their caption to track the posts. Social media users love to flex things they love and appreciate online, take advantage of it.

  5. It will help you to promote your next sports event.

    If this event will be successful with the help of these sporting event giveaways, the next events will never be harder to promote. Stand out as early as now.

LED Armband with Your Logo

Participants will surely love LED armbands, not just because it’s cool and pretty amazing, but also, they need it! Armbands are often used to hold a smartphone or a portable music player on a wearer’s arm while doing activities such as lifting weights, running, etc.

Best Features:

  • The LED light allows for better visibility under low lighting conditions. Running, bicycling, and even just walking the dog is safer with this armband.
  • It has 3 operation modes (bright steady light, slow or fast flashing)
  • It is durable as the band is made from a long-lasting nylon band which encases a flexible LED core – velcro closure is secure and adjustable
  • The most ideal sporting event giveaways for runners and cyclists
  • The LED light will not get hot so this is definitely safe for anyone who uses this.
  • This armband uses replaceable batteries
  • Comes in red, green, blue, pink, orange, white, yellow, and, multicolor

These are the most ideal sporting event giveaways for runners and cyclists. Plus, LED armbands could be a fun accessory for afterparty celebrations and to the concerts, you’ll attend!

sporting event giveaways

sporting event giveaways

How to get your customized LED Armband?

Are you interested in customizing this cool Sports Promotional Merchandise? ODM can help you customize your LED armband and have your logo on it. We, at ODM, have been helped many sports event successful. With our creative team, lead by Mindsparkz, we also have contact with manufacturers to help you save a lot of time and money. Message us now, the product code is ODM-3507.


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