Recently, I came across this POS display by Monster Energy at a supermarket in Singapore. They were offering sports promotional merchandise for their contest giveaway. Participants can stand a chance to win Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team gear. The competition giveaway lasted from 1 August to 31 August 2020. All shoppers have to do is purchase any 2 cans of Monster Energy Drink and SMS the receipt number to the phone number provided.

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Sports Promotional Merchandise

These are the Sports Promotional Merchandise that entrants can potentially win:

Grand Prize: Branded Backpack

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Sports Promotional Merchandise

There are only 10 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Backpacks up for grabs. This is indeed a very functional and high-end gift for the winners.

First Prize: Promotional Baseball Cap

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Sports Promotional Merchandise

There are only 20 caps up for grabs. Baseball caps always makes great sports merchandise for fans as they love to wear them to show their support.

Second Prize: Promotional Mugs

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Sports Promotional Merchandise

There are only 40 branded thermal mugs to be given away. Thermal Mugs are very useful nowadays as it can keep drinks cool or warm for a long period of time.


Here are 5 reasons why Monster Energy Sports Promotional Merchandise Giveaway was effective:

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Targeted Market

Extreme Sports and Energy Drinks are a match made in heaven for sponsorship activation. At these events, you will always energy drink brands being visible sponsors for sports teams. Extreme sports tend to gravitate towards the youth or people who live for high energy and adrenaline, which are the brands’ target market.

Monster Energy is one of the biggest sponsors of the Mercedes Formula 1 team. Having this brand sponsorship and this promotion indeed is effective in garnering more sales.

Big Following

Formula One is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. Moreover, Mercedes is one of the top teams in the championship and has one of the most loyal fanbases. Perhaps one the reasons Monster Energy is having this promotion is to remind fans that the championship has finally started after a very long break. Hence, offering branded “We Miss You” gifts will build up excitement for the sport. Also, this giveaway may be meant to build anticipation for the Singapore Grand Prix, which was initially supposed to be held in September.

When fans see this promotion, they would be allured to participate in it as they would really want to win the free gifts. Furthermore, they may purchase more cans of Monster Energy drink to increase their chances of winning the giveaway, which drives impulse buys. Lastly, the promotional giveaway is only for a limited time only, so they would be urged to participate in order to not miss their shot.

Functional Gifts

The prizes up for grabs are very practical gifts and are high-utility.  The custom backpack has a large carrying space and can store lots of items. Baseball caps can be worn on a daily basis and fans would also wear them caps to show their support to the motorsport team. Lastly, the thermal mugs could be used to keep the energy drink cool for a long time. This is a great product for gamers, who are one of Monster Energy’s biggest buyers.

Therefore, this will pique the interest of many shoppers as they hope to win free sports promotional merchandise.

High-End Gifts

These gifts are sort-of expensive and high-end gifts. So when shoppers pass by the POS display, they are enticed to participate as they view this giveaway as a win-win situation for them. Moreover, shoppers are more likely to choose Monster Energy over its competitors, like Redbull, due to the premium giveaway items up for grabs. Not only that, but it can also help Monster Energy boost its perceived value.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Having this kind of promotional giveaway is a good strategy for both Monster Energy and Mercedes F1 Team to strengthen its relationships with its loyal customers/fans. They would totally enjoy this kind of giveaways they have and will continue to support them. Furthermore, this will may also lift the spirits of fans who were disappointed that the race in Singapore was canceled due to COVID19. This kind of promotion enables Mercedes to still connect with their fans even though they are unable to come to the country.

Our Takeaways

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Sports Promotional Merchandise

Overall, an amazing promotion by Monster Energy and Mercedes as both brands can mutually benefit from this.  Brand Sponsorships are a great way for Energy Drink and Alcoholic Beverage Brands to expand their customer base and rev up their drink sales. Lastly, to roll out effective marketing campaigns, your brand should carry out good market segmentation and find out what kinds of promotional gifts they will be interested in.


How ODM can help

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