This high end gift with purchase promotion can currently be found at Buckle in America. This free promotional watch by Roar can be picked up when one purchases two Roar items at sale price or regular price. The choice of male or female version retails at $29.99.

Buckle is a cloths retailer with some 400 stores found throughout America. They specialize in medium to high casual fashion apparel with a unique American feel to their clothing  ranges.

Free Roar Watch as Gift with Purchase

Free Roar Watch as Gift with Purchase

How a high end gift with purchase works  in marketing promotion.

  • Higher Perceived Value – customers enjoy receiving gifts! Gifts that are of higher value than standard promo items have higher perceived  value in the mind of the customer. It gives them an impression that this brand is really generous. So by utilizing a quality watch, companies can win the hearts of their clients and enticed them to buy their products.
  • Incentive device –  High end products act as incentive devices. Customers can justify to themselves that spending more or buying more than one  product in order to qualify for a high end gift is a good idea. They will spend more than usual in order to get a free product that has higher perceived value for them.
  • Cost/ Benefit relationship – They are a relatively cheap item to manufacture in large amounts. Henceforth the low cost of using high end items in a marketing campaign should justify that in theory short term sales will be increased.
  • Brand Recognition –  Positive brand associations with customers will be strengthened as the high end gift will be remembered longer and  positive word of mouth about the company will spread.

Here are also more examples where watches have been utilized in promotional campaigns: