A free gift with purchase promotion that actually offers you a choice! How great is that?  Found at The Home Depot in the United States, this offer is available for purchases over $75 or more. Your selection of free gift is redeemable on presentation of the original coupon at the same time as making the purchase of over $75. Works in-store, and orders by phone or fax. The Home Depot is an American  retailer of home improvement and construction equipment that also has stores in some areas of South America, as well as Canada, Mexico and China.

The 3 gifts available are:

  • A stylish laptop sleeve – choice also available between designs.
  • 16 GB USB Flash Drive. One colour and one great use
  • Box full of twizzlers candy

Which one would you choose?

Choice of Free Gift with Purchase From Home Depot

Choice of Free Gift with Purchase From Home Depot

The beauty of choice of your free gift with purchase

Gifts with purchase work to drive sales in the short run by getting potential customer’s attention. It attracts people to patronise the shop and provides a great incentive for customers to spend a bit more in return for a free gift. People see perceived value in buying from a store that offers  a free product in return for their business. Often the gift with purchase will not hold major interest for some potential shoppers. So by offering a choice of 3 gift options is a great marketing trick. It means that the chances that a person will make a purchase are greatly increased as they will desire at least 1 of the free gifts on offer. To get greater return out of a gift with purchase promotion, its wise to add branding to the items. This way, through product use the brand name can gain exposure and is a great free way of marketing.

Here are some gift with purchase promotions. Check out what promotional products are used to attract the customer: