Free gift with purchase by Chinese Huawei

The Chinese multinational phone-company Huawei, is now offering free headphones with purchase of their new Huawei P8. This free gift with purchase is designed in an exclusive way, which makes the offer more attractive and expensive.

Introducing the HUAWEI P8, a revolutionary light painting smartphone that blends technology, fashion and art. With its F/2.0 aperture and improved sensor, stunning night shots are now possible on the HUAWEI P8. It also comes with a new Perfect Selfie mode, which allows preset image enhancement settings to capture and customise your unique beauty. The headphones is therefore a perfect match for this phone in order to improve this unique beauty.

Free gift with purchase by Huawei

Free gift with purchase by Huawei

Improve your brand identity

To improve your marketing strategy, you need to consider your brand identity at first. You therefore need to categorise your brand. When you do that, you should start considering if your free gift with purchase is consistent to the quality of your brand.

In this case the above mentioned gifts share the same brand existence and are therefore a perfect match. This means that every time people are using their new headphones, they will think about your brand. Another good way of improving your brand identity is to print your company logo on the free gift, which afterwards will have potential to increase the market share and brand awareness.

Free gift with purchase by Huawei

Free gift with purchase by Huawei

Why offer a free gift with purchase?

A free gift with purchase is a great way of expanding your business. First of all it increases your market share, if you choose the right promotion product within your marketing campaign.

Secondly, it increases your brand awareness, when people are using the product in public.

Thirdly, customer loyalty is fostered. When customers receive the gift, they would have a good impression on your company. This encourages them to continue purchasing your products. A free gift with purchase would help to increase your base of loyal customers. This is beneficial in many ways, because customers have tendencies to switch brand.

Free gift with purchase by Huawei

Free gift with purchase by Huawei

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