Promotional products case studies on  brand awareness have been needed to prove their success rate. In fact it has been shown that brand recognition is improved up to  71% according to various studies! Promotional products serve to spread the logo and details of companies and brands. This increases brand awareness and recognition. In fact promotional products are proven to offer some of the biggest returns on investment (ROI) in the advertising industry.

Promotional Product Case Studies

Promotional Product Case Studies

Presented are two studies that testify to this and after reading it should be clear just how companies should be  using promo gifts in their marketing campaigns.

Promotional products case studies on brand recognition

Louisiana State University/ University of Texas 2006 study

This study compared the effectiveness of promotional products against other forms of advertising. Here is what was found.

  • 41% has positive attitude to advertising with Promo gifts. 18% were positive about TV advertising.
  • 54% thought that the promo product gave more credibility to the product as opposed to 33% with the TV ad of the same product.
  • 25% intended to make a purchase, opposed to 17% based on the TV ad.
  • 26% said they would refer to a friend from promo gift marketing as opposed to 16% referel rate from TV ads.

Case Study: Georgia Southern University 2003

This study was done on promotional products given away at trade shows.

  • 76% were found to have a favourable attitude to a company that provided promotional products.
  • Higher re-visitation rates to booths were experienced in relation to the product.

Case Study: L.J Market Research at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

  • 76% of people said they recalled the company name of promo gift they had received in the previous six months. Compared to 53% who remembered the name from a magazine or newspaper in the past week.

There you have it! Some positive statistics to prove that promotional products really are a good investment for companies.