Promo products are all around in the nightlife industry. Branded Equipment and clothing are provided by companies to spread exposure in the competitive world of the drinks industry.  It is the customer that brings the party to the nightclubs, but why should it stop there? Nightlife industry workers can add to the atmosphere by dressing a bit different and using bar equipment that is unique. Clothing that uses glow in the dark chemicals to create a luminous effect under UV lighting looks awesome. So what about taking it  to the next level. The next level is “sound activated” LED technology or Electro-Luminescent (EL) technology. It is used by ravers and people going the extra mile to create attention at concerts and events.

Sound activated promo products – night life marketing campaigns

The examples where LED technology can be incorporated  are plentiful. It can be used as merchandise gift giveaways or be used by nightclub workers on their clothes and accessories and  at the POS for customers. With sound activated and glow in the dark items the effectiveness of branding can be multiplied. Not only that but it helps to create a more unique and unforgetable experience for the customer.

Sound Activation T-shirts

The sound activated equaliser with adjustable sensitivity !   Walk into a disco, bar or nightclub with this shirt on and the bars on the equaliser jump up and down to the music in real time !  How cool !  Just insert 4 x AAA battery and carry the battery box on your belt clip. Use to promote parties, concerts or brands eather way it will bring attention.

Sound Activating Promo Product

Sound Activating Promo Product


Bottle Glorifiers

The bar shelf is an overcrowded mass of drink options. To help stand out and promote special promotions, glorifiers are used. Make sure the customer notices the option with a glorifier that changes colour and light frequencies with the music.

Motion Activated LED Bracelet

A simple gift giveaway option that would work great as a gift with purchase or on pack giveaway. The sound activated LED wristband pulsates with the music.

Sound Activating Promo Products

Sound Activating Promo Products

The Design aspect of each item is an exciting prospect. Custom design the items to suit the brand and create unique Items.