Bose are one of the leading sound companies in the world, offering high quality ranging from home cinema systems to headphones. They are currently offering these promotions as an incentive to purchase in the United Kingdom.

Bose travel case and power pack

First eye-catching promotion from Bose is a Acoustic Wave travel case and power pack, free with the purchase of Bose’s Acoustic Wave systems. This is a promo gift for customers who enjoy taking their music with them on the go. Perfect for a day out with the family or a long road trip. Keep your Bose Acoustic Wave safe in the travel case & enjoy long lasting battery life from power pack.

The screen shots show the fine quality and style of these unique promotions from Bose. Pick up a Bose Wave system today and enjoy this great promotion which will be alive until 31/08/11. So go ahead and ‘Colour your summer with sound’

Bose are right at the premium end of the market, and their gift with purchase campaigns offer incentives of the same quality. Bose have a fantastic reputation for selling high quality, stylish and robust products that last and look great for years.

Bose promotional GPS system

Second screen shot portrays the fantastic Free GPS satellite navigation system offered as a gift with purchase from Bose when buying one of the Wave sound systems. This is a great promotion for the customer that appreciates the finer musical qualities and is in need of a new navigational system.

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